10 Cool and Easy Tips to Spice up Your Relationship

Want your relationship to be a bit more interesting, romantic, and adventurous? Among the wide range of ways to spice up your relationship, the best relationship advice for you will depend on a number of factors.

From length in terms of years to common points of interest, every single relationship has unique dynamics and chemistry, eliminating the option of generalized solutions.

Rediscover the Fundamentals of your Togetherness

As per sex therapist and author Ian Kerner,

“Talking about sex and relationships is hard, but self-silencing can be even harder in the long run.” The regular course of conjugal life often makes it difficult for couples to maintain the initial spark of their relationships.

In a Woman’s Day survey held recently, 38% confessed that their relationships are not thrilling anymore. The first bit that you need to do is to rediscover the things that brought both of you together in the first place.

Ways to Spice up your Marriage

Spicing up the bedroom might seem difficult at the first go, but the following list of things can make a boring relationship fun again.

  • Give your partner long hugs.
  • Try giving your partner a nice massage after a hectic day.
  • Surprise him/her with a sudden sexy text.
  • Change the position of your pillows while having sex.
  • Try new sexual positions to break that monotony.
  • Leave sensual love notes for each other.
  • Keep your bedroom clean.

What are the Things a Woman Can do to Spice up the Bedroom?

The female partner can do a lot to spice things up in bed. Try the following list.

  • Remove the family pictures from your bedroom. Relationship expert and sexologist Logan Levkoff says that a picture of your children or mother-in-law could destroy a romantic moment. She also advises people to embrace their sexuality for a long, happy life.
  • Allot at least two dates a month entirely for your partner. Keep yourself free from work, children, and all other responsibilities on those days.
  • Track the frequency of your sex life.
  • Discuss your sex life with your partner and try to figure out ways to improve it together.
  • Be that girl who made him go down on his knees.
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How Hard is Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Strong?

What are the Things a Woman Can do to Spice up the Bedroom

Trying to spice up love life is something and maintaining a long distance relationship is another. It is always difficult to maintain a bond without physical intimacy. However, it is also not impossible. Since one of the senses – touch is out of the picture, you will need to make more use of the available four senses.

You will need to be much more caring and supportive as compared to that of a normal relationship. Try the following list of things to spice up your long distance relationship.

  • Avoid excessive communication. Less is always more in such situations.
  • Look at it as a test that your feelings need to pass. As the saying goes, “Real gold is not afraid of the test of fire.”
  • Set some rules and keep your expectations in check.
  • Be creative in your communications. Your words are everything in a long distance relationship. Always try to make the best use of them. Be witty and smart as much as possible to enhance the attraction.
  • It is fine to talk dirty with your partner. Sexual desire acts as the glue for any relationship and the long distance ones are no exception.
  • Avoided putting unnecessary stress on your relationship. Try not to do things that turn your partner off.
  • Use the online world to be together. Play multi-player games and watch the same movies online at the same time. This will strengthen your bond more than what you think.
  • Find the common interests and talk more about them. Focus more on the similar likings and disliking than on the different ones.
  • Plan your visits to each other’s cities in advance and execute them.
  • Always be honest. Trust is a very important foundation that should never be ignored.

Fun Ideas to Spice up the Bedroom

How Hard is Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Strong

Try the following list if you are looking for some real heat in your bedroom.

  • Accept that your sex life is not what it used to be. The solution starts from accepting the problem.
  • Build the mood up outside your bedroom. Don’t shy away from kissing or holding your partner’s hand in public.
  • Complement each other and tell your partner that you are still physically attracted towards him/her. This will give a serious boost to your sex life and in turn, your relationship.
  • Make the best use of sex toys that are available in the market.
  • Try watching porn together.
  • Did you think that food is only meant for eating? Think again! Play with whipped cream, chocolates, and candy and make it a part of your foreplay.
  • Try role playing. Ask your partner about his/her preference and select your outfit accordingly. This will definitely spice up your fading sex life.
  • Never hesitate from taking the initiative. Most couples get it wrong here. Both keep waiting for their partner to take the first step and end up destroying the entire relationship.
  • Pleasantly surprise your partner whenever possible. Romantic surprises often act as the best catalyst to having good sex.

Wrapping it up

For most couples, relationship tends to get a bit boring after the initial spark. With having children and shouldering more responsibilities, the personal equation between couples often gets strained. That is where this article can be a lifesaver.

Spicing things up is easier than you think if you do the right things. From surprising your partner to being adventurous in sex, you need to look at all options to spice up a boring relationship.

The tips and tricks shared in this article can totally change your sex life and add the much-needed passion to your bedroom. Make the best use of this information and spice up the bedroom tonight!

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