Adulting 101: 5 Tips for Becoming a Responsible Grown Up

Are you looking to become more responsible and “grow up” a little?

The millennial generation gets bashed a lot for being too babyish and too reliant on their parents. However, it’s fair to mention that the economy and standards of living are very different now than they were for previous generations.

There isn’t one set path for being an “adult” like there was for the baby boomer generation.

Millennials aren’t automatically expected to go to college, get a full-time job, get married, buy a house with a picket fence and have 2 – 5 kids.

Instead, there are many more options for an acceptable adult lifestyle. That being said, this article will give you an adulting 101 course and teach you 5 tips on becoming more self-sufficient.

5 Tips for Becoming a Responsible Grown Up

Adulting 101 Tips for Becoming a Responsible Grown Up

  1. Learn to Cook for Yourself

You might be thinking, “why can’t I just get out?” but if you want to be a real adult, you need to have basic cooking skills.

Cooking at home is better for your health and your wallet. Being able to cook is essential to passing adulting 101.

When you cook at home you get to hand pick what ingredients you want and you know exactly what’s going into your body.

Learning to cook can be daunting if your parents never showed you how. In order to make it fun, go to Pinterest and type in some meals you love to eat. Pinterest will provide you with a grocery list and step by step instructions on how to prepare the food.

  1. Learn About Local and National Politics

As a citizen of the United States, you’re a part of a democracy that needs your voice.

Millennials have the lowest voter turnout which is distressing as they’re the ones who will be most affected by how elections turnout.

Educate yourself on local and national politics and the people running for office. Then get out to the polls for elections of all types and make your voice heard.

  1. Start Saving Money

We know you’re young now and you want to blow all your money on delicious foods and beautiful clothes.

However, part of being an adult means putting some of your money away every month in case of emergencies.

Open a savings account and try to transfer 20% of your income into it each month.

  1. Read Books

Reading books is a trend that’s going out of style quicker than flare leg jeans.

However, reading books is fantastic for your brain and for your adulting score.

When you read books, you expand your knowledge base and are able to hold more intelligent conversations.

  1. Have a Professional Wardrobe

Speaking of flare jeans, if your wardrobe still consists primarily of pieces you wore in college or high school it’s time to make an upgrade.

You want to present yourself professionally so that you appear hirable and put together.

Be sure to have at least a few professional pieces in your wardrobe so that you’re ready for an interview when one arises.

Follow These Tips to Pass Adulting 101

Adulting 101 might be the hardest course you take in your lifetime. However, it also can be the most rewarding.

It’s your time to make your own decisions and show the world what you’re made of.

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