6 Things You Should Carry with You Every Day

You never know what will happen when you leave the house.

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d do in a bad situation, this post is for you.

The following everyday carry items will make life easier–or even save your life. Read on to learn the top six things you should always have on you.

  1. A Notepad

A waterproof notepad is a must. Not only can it be used to make notes if your phone dies, but it can be used under any weather conditions.

That means that if you get lost while hiking, you’ll be able to leave a note for rescuers if necessary.

  1. Key Info

In this day and age, many of us are addicted to our smartphones. As a result, we keep important information like our contacts, schedules, and even banking details within those devices.

Unfortunately, most of us would be completely unprepared if we had to go without those phones. It’s a good idea to keep a list with the phone numbers of anyone you may need to get in touch with, in the event of an emergency.

If you’re in a different country, it may also be a good idea to write down the address and phone number of your hotel. Consider getting a trustworthy local to write down a few key phrases in the local language in case you need help.

  1. A Flashlight

Flashlights are ridiculously handy. There’s a reason why most smartphones now have these built in.

But as previously mentioned, there may come a time when you don’t have access to your phone.

A small flashlight can help in the event that the power goes out or you break down in the middle of nowhere. Plus, it won’t drain your phone’s battery in the event that you’re in an emergency situation.

  1. A Lighter

A cheap Bic lighter will work in most situations and fit in your pocket. Not only will this make you a popular person to be around if your friends smoke, but you’ll be able to light a fire if necessary.

If you do a lot of hiking, you may want to swap out the lighter for some waterproof matches instead.

  1. Multitool

A multitool is one of those everyday carry items you could easily overlook until you really need it. For handy work, tinkering, and quick fixes, a multitool gives you a toolbox worth of functionality.

These will often include scissors, bottle openers, screwdrivers, pliers, and a variety of other tools.

  1. Watch

Sure, it’s easy to check the time on your smartphone. But it can be antisocial to pull it out of your pocket when you’re around other people.

Great watches can also do a number of other tasks. Smartwatches are a terrific way to stay organized and ensure you never miss a call.

But even the most basic watch will allow you to tell the time–even when your phone is out of battery.

Which Everyday Carry Items Do You Use?

In this day and age, it pays to be prepared for anything. You’ll be glad you took the time in the case of an emergency!

Did we miss an important item? Get in touch today and let us know which items you use instead.

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