8 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

If you think heading over to the nearest tattoo parlor and picking up a cool design is all that you need for getting your first tattoo, think again. You need to be aware of the steps involved in the tattoo process, so read on for tips before getting a tattoo.

More and more people are now jumping on to the tattoo bandwagon. You’ve also fallen for those cute tattoos on the neck of gorgeous woman. You’ve decided to take the plunge.

But there are a lot of emotions that you have to handle before getting that first tattoo. You feel excited and impatient but also a little fearful. Plan and prepare for it by checking out this list of everything you need to know before opting for this body art.

What You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

What You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

  1. Getting a Tattoo: Sleep on It

Don’t rush into the nearest tattoo parlor. Sleep on it. First question yourself. Why do you want a tattoo? If you have a strong motivation, you will never regret your decision.

Consider the cost. If money is not a problem, move on ahead. Some expensive tattoos could take a bit of time. It generally takes about a few hours a session, and some might require more than one session. Get a time estimate and try bargaining.

  1. Tattoo Design – Simple or Complicated/Small or Big

If you’re dreaming about ‘My first tattoo’ spend some time checking out images of the best tattoos and save the ones you like. Consult your friends for tattoo ideas and design your own tattoo. Consider what you really love, such as friendship tattoos, or hot tattoos, because you’ll have to live it with it forever

Create your own tattoo. For instance, your St. Bernard was your first dog and you’d like to get it tattooed on your arm. But there’s more to it while considering a first time tattoo. Consider new styles for the tattoo, a 3D style or a black/grey color, a conventional style or a new school one, as it will make a difference to the final picture.

As for the size while getting tattoos, cool small tattoos with a lot of detail might get lost very soon. Consult the artist and go for a practical and realistic size. Bigger sessions take multiple sessions, whereas a simple star just takes about a few minutes. Get the time estimate for cool cheap tattoos while checking out the best tattoos for men and women.

Tip: Make sure that you’re 100% happy with preliminary sketch.

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  1. Read Reviews to Get Good Tattoos

Do a proper research of the parlor, by checking out online reviews and asking friends about it. Check out reviews about the tattoo artist, find out about the kind of people going there, the hygiene standards while trying to select the best place to get a tattoo.

For your first tattoo what to expect? Ask questions before, during and after the procedure while getting a tattoo for the first time. Anything that you’re curious about, the tools, the design, the price, the artist, you name it. Follow the artist on Instagram if need be, read comments to know more about their work and check out the beautiful small tattoos as they cost less.

  1. Where to Get First Tattoo: Hygienic Parlor

While selecting the best place for first tattoo, good hygiene is one of the most important aspects to consider. Do the research in order to protect yourself from infections or disease transmission through needles. As part of tattoo tips, ensure that the needles are sterilized and the ink used is of a high quality and ensure that the package is opened before you.

Tip: Check out the expiry date of the ink used.

The premises must also be clean. Many parlors have hygiene rating systems for the premise as well as the artist. Check out certificates if available.

  1. Body Sensitivity: Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

If you’re a tattoo virgin, you need to find out your body sensitivity levels and about the first tattoo pain. We each have different tolerance levels. If you’re opting for foot tattoos, those made right over a bone could hurt most, whereas those on the biceps wont hurt much. The bigger the tattoo, the more it will hurt.

If you’re sensitive, avoid back of knees, elbows or groin areas.

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  1. Best Season for Getting a Tattoo

Exposure to sun or water can damage a tattoo. The best time to get the first tattoo is spring or early autumn, as there’s no chance of sunburn.

You can also leave the arm or leg exposed during these seasons, as covering up with a fabric could cause itching in the initial days till the skin heals.

  1. Rash Creams After Getting the First Tattoo

Some tattoos itch, but make sure that you don’t scratch it. This could cause infections, so just slap on it to get relief. You could also use tattoo pain relief gels and creams to reduce the itch.

  1. Follow Safety Precautions When Getting Tattooed

Go through the instructions for tattoo preparation and after care tips for your first tattoo. Be of the dos and don’ts, the risks, etc.

  • Remove the bandage only after a full 24 hours.
  • Clean it with a good quality antibacterial soap, but don’t rub, just pat it dry.
  • Apply good antibiotic creams generously.
  • Take a daily shower, but don’t submerge yourself in a hot tub. No contact with soap or shampoos for the first few weeks. These are things you can’t do after getting a tattoo.
  • Use a moisturizer and avoid exposure to sun for the first few weeks. Avoid swimming.
  • Check out the food to take after tattoo for better and quicker healing.

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Last Word

Do your research and follow the above tips, connect with tattoo communities, take all aspects into account and if you’re still convinced, go ahead and get your first tattoo done. You can always get a tattoo cover up if you’re not happy with it.

Get into the correct frame of mind, as it is the easiest way to get through a tattoo.  Yes, it will hurt but you know that. Have a healthy and optimistic mindset. Get that ‘Can do’ attitude on!  It will help to make the tattoo procedure a whole lot easier.  Listen to instructions, stay still, listen to the after care instructions and enjoy that incredibly beautiful piece of body art. You deserve it!!

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