The Finest Stress Relief Methods For Studying At Exam Time

If your exams are knocking right at your door, you must be worried, anxious, and full of stress. You might also not be able to focus and concentrate on your subjects for these reasons. And this might result in an immense fall in your academic grades.

However, you would never want your mental condition to reflect on your grades any day. For this, the quickest solution would be if you exercise while studying. This practice will immensely help you and make you free from any stress, and you can always stand a chance of coming out with flying colors in every exam you sit for.

This article will discuss some proven tips to help you recover from any stress and let you live freely. Let’s get started.

Methods for Relieving Stress During Exam Time

You might have heard that your mum regularly tells you to exercise to remain fit. And as usual, you have ignored her words, and it is now that you are having loads of stress while studying for your exams.

However, the best way to overcome this is to exercise while studying, and it will help you improve your mental condition and your physical condition. So let us look into some of the exercises you can practice while studying without any great difficulty.


Walking is one of the finest and easiest exercises to do while studying. You can take small breaks after every 15 – 30 minutes and take a stroll inside your room or at your terrace. It will help you take a break from the lengthy procedure of examination training and help you intensely concentrate on your studies. Moreover, 68% of teenagers worldwide have said that walking is highly effective and relieves stress.


You can stretch as it works as an easy exercise while studying. Besides relieving your stress, you can make your flexibility even smoother and better. It will also help you reduce tension and keep your blood pressure normal.


Meditation provides you with complete peace of mind. Performing this exercise while studying will provide you with unprecedented powers of concentration. It has been proved that meditation will also help you improve the levels of your anxiety 60% of the time.


Unlike the normal inhale-exhale, everyone regularly performs; you need to take breaks and practice breathing exercises while studying. This is because it has scientifically been proven that performing breathing exercises helps you to reduce your cortisol levels.


You can perform shrugging exercises while taking a break from studying. It is as easy as ABC since you can remain seated on your study chair, bring your shoulders to the closest of your ears, and shrug them five times in each set. It will strengthen your muscles and loosen up any stress developing over your shoulders.

To Conclude

It has been proven that exercising while studying is the best way to relieve yourself from any stress building over you right before your exams. Besides exercising, you also require the right amount of sleep so that it helps you concentrate better and focus on your studies.

Furthermore, consuming appropriate nutrients is also necessary since it is the gateway to energy supply for your body to remain active.

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