Become a Text Titan: The Top Reasons to Get into Text Marketing

Recent studies show that adults spend about one-third of their waking lives on their smartphones and other devices.

If you’re a business owner, you might be thinking about how you can use that statistic to your advantage when it comes to developing a marketing campaign.

While optimizing your website for mobile devices and sharing photos on Instagram is important, it may not be enough.

You should also consider SMS marketing, or text messaging marketing, as a way to connect with your target market at a moment’s notice. It’s a simple, effective way to increase your reach and keep your customers engaged.

But what is SMS marketing and how does it benefit your business and your audience?

Keep on reading this post to find out!

What Is SMS Marketing?

Before we get into the benefits of using texting as a part of your overall marketing plan, let’s define what SMS marketing actually is.

Essentially, the process involves sending your past customers, or in some cases leads that have opted into the service, text messages about your business.

These messages can discuss upcoming events, flash or one-day sales, or new product drops or launches. You may also use them to notify customers about the opening of a new store.

Keep things as short and sweet as possible. Avoid spamming your contacts with numerous texts throughout the week- or even worse, throughout the day.

Limit your contact with them, but make sure your messages are relevant and to the point.

You could include a promo code that they can type in to receive a discount or an invitation to a special event, for example. Consider including a link that they can click on to be taken to a specific product page on your website.

Finally, make sure that you have permission from your contacts before you start using business SMS texts to send them alerts. Familiarize yourself with the text advertising laws in your state or country to avoid penalties and fines.

Now that you know the basics surrounding SMS marketing, take a closer look at some of its key benefits.

  1. You’ll Keep Customers Informed

Business SMS messaging doesn’t have to be about giving your customers the hard and the fast sell at all times.

Besides using texting to let your audience know about sales and upcoming offers, you can also keep them posted on important updates related to the purchases they’ve already made.

For example, sending an automated text to a customer is an effective way to let him know that his order has been received and it’s being prepared. It also lets him know when he can expect a delivery and keeps him informed about the shipping process.

Plus, it’s a good way to let customers know about any problems or delays in regards to an order or a product in general.

In short, you can use SMS marketing to take your current customer service standards to the next level!

  1. You’ll Get Awesome Engagement Rates

Another huge benefit of SMS marketing?

It will allow you to grow your overall rate of engagement at incredibly quick rates.

First of all, people are more likely to open up a quick text on their smartphones than read an entire email.

Since text messages are short, you’ll be able to make your point more quickly and efficiently than through a blog post, e-newsletter, or promotional video.

This is why SMS marketing is so effective for e-commerce shops and newer businesses that might not yet have the time or the funds to invest in a larger advertising strategy.

Additionally, you’ll see a serious benefit of using text advertising when you’re trying to connect with newer markets. It’s an excellent way to test the waters and see the kind of engagement you get with a new, broader demographic.

  1. You Can Get Professional Help

We know that you don’t always have time to develop a strong SMS marketing strategy on your own.

Luckily, the pros at quality companies are here to help you make it happen.

These experts can help you get a hold of customers’ numbers using your website. They can also develop a strong automated strategy so that you can increase your revenue and get better attendance at your events.

Best of all?

They allow you to choose custom keywords so you can target your audience more effectively.

After all, why should there be a limit on how far your business should go?

Ready to Make SMS Marketing a Part of Your Strategy?

We hope that this post has helped you to be able to answer the ever-popular question, “What is SMS marketing?”

But more importantly, we hope that you’ve learned why business SMS is such an effective way to get in touch with the people who will be the most interested in your products or services.

Of course, we know that SMS marketing is just one small part of your overall marketing strategy.

Need help developing the rest of it, from starting a blog to understanding how to make an awesome brand logo?

We’ve got you covered on that front.

Be sure to keep on checking back with our blog for all the marketing and SEO advice you need to stay ahead of your competition!

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