Sun Protection Sleeves: Why Should You Wear It?

With the scorching heat outside, wearing another cloth on top makes it seem like torture. But what about an airy cloth which doesn’t let your skin burn, in other words, a light sun protection cloth? You wouldn’t have to worry about the heat or any damage to your skin. The biggest reason why sun sleeves are a better alternative is that they cause the least to no skin damage and cause less pollution too.

Sun protection liquid is a widely favored sun protection method for most people. While they were easy to apply all over the body, they had multiple disadvantages. These disadvantages were white casts, less quantity, and higher costs. Large plastic waste, low quality, high fragrance, and so on. While these warrant problematic disadvantages for many, it was a significant concern for people of color.

To combat such issues, sun-protecting clothing such as sun sleeves has become popular recently. Whether being multiple options of color, size, and type, it became preferred over sunscreen tubes. While some people consider these tubes a conventional method and are hesitant to change, anyone who experiences discomfort with these tubes opts for these clothes in a heartbeat.

Why Should You Wear Sun Protection Sleeves?

While you understand that sun protection clothing or sun sleeves are great alternatives because they result in less waste, that’s not all. There are no disadvantages that a sun protection sleeve can have. It is impossible to get a white cast or have the issue of less quantity and higher costs. It can quickly fulfill the disadvantages that sunscreen tubes have. Not to mention that sunscreen tubes need to be applied every 2 to 3 hours a day when outside, whereas these sleeves do not have such a need.

Even when one understands why these sleeves are beneficial, there are always people who doubt and question them. It is also valid for other things, but with them, it is good for you and the environment. While it gives you complete protection without having to reapply, it doesn’t increase the plastics and chemical waste in the oceans.

Features Of A Sun Protection Sleeve

To understand its benefits properly and how it can help you, you need to know its features. It is highly beneficial to use, including comfort and ease.

High-Quality Material

The material of these sleeves is unique as it is made significantly to block all the days of the sun. Therefore, to ensure that no sun rays can peek through, it is made of thin but durable tightly woven thread to ensure that the material is of high quality.

Fit And Flexible

Its exceptional material quality is flexibility; it might look small or shrinky, but it can also fit bulky hands. The tightly woven thread would also ensure that it snugly fits the rounds and edges.


One sun sleeve could last for longer durations if it’s washed and appropriately maintained. Thus, when comparing the costs of sunscreen and sun sleeves, where the least cost of sunscreen is $10, which gets used up in a week, these sleeves are a better option, and it is also the primary reason why sun sleeves are preferred more.


Protecting yourself from the sun helps with pigmentation and decreases the chances of skin cancer. Clothing is the easiest option for people to protect themselves, whereas these sleeves are suitable for protection against the sun.

While its benefits can range from ease of availability, ergonomics, and economical to environment friendly, it all adds up to be better than anything else for sun protection.

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