How to Turn Your Garden Shed into a Small Shed House

If this is the year you transform that tired old shed into something fabulous, then good for you! There are plenty of ways to take that storage shed and make it into something you can use and enjoy.

Making a new space for your enjoyment can be an easy project for you or with a little help from your friends. With little work and imagination, you can turn your shed house into a little piece of backyard oasis.

This is the perfect space to claim as your one little get away. The possibilities are endless for making it a comfortable and peaceful retreat. Let’s take a look at some easy and fun ideas.

Making a Shed House a Home

With a little help or some clever DIY, you will have the perfect dream home away from home and still be home.

Add Some Windows

Get some windows put in, you can decide what will work best. Putting in too many will weaken the structure, but if it’s already sturdy, you will be fine. Leaving one wall solid allows for hanging pictures, your big screen tv or your wet bar.


For those in cold climates, you can have it wired and insulated to be used year round. Some wall paneling to fill it in, and you can put in some linoleum flooring and add some throw rugs.


Having the space plumbed will finish it off to completion and you won’t ever have to leave it again. Sink, fridge, washroom, shower can all easily be installed.

Man/Woman Cave

Install a wet bar. You can easily have the shed wired or run electricity to the shed house without having to rewire the whole place. Just run a cord out from the main house or use a small generation out behind it.

You can have a small fridge put it for all your favorite adult beverages and mixes. Add a lounge chair and a sofa and it’s an ideal pub for those who like to imbibe. What could be better summer houses for your garden?

Music Room

With it being wired for electricity, you can have your television or any other electric devices out there, lamps, fans or even your old turntable, to play all your old vinyl.

Get those drum kits set up out there and you can wail away until your arms ache.

Reading Room

Put in a bookcase, with your old rocking chair or favorite old lounge chair and you can disappear for hours and never leave the backyard. Peace and quiet, with a fan or your feet up on a comfy chair, are all you need.


You can put in a dining table and chairs and use the space for romantic candlelit dinners, away from the house yet still at home. How romantic it will be, sitting outside with the breeze blowing the candlelight around, looking out over your back garden, enjoying a nice meal, a bottle of wine and your partner.

Without having to listen to stranger’s fight, loudly talking about their own life or screaming down their cell phone.

Artist Studio or Sewing Room

For those about to draw. Setting up your pottery, painting or your sewing equipment out in the shed keeps the clutter out of the house, and the lingering odor of paint fumes. Perhaps the birds chirping and the smell of freshly mown grass will love to be your muse.

Home Office

What a perfect space for your home office. You actually have the routine of leaving for work every day, but you are close enough to use your own washroom. You can set up all your office needs, any product and all your files and devices you need, without taking up space in the house.

It’s great for keeping work and home separate when you don’t have to see all your work clutter in the main living space.

Kid Space

Perfect for a playhouse for the kids. You can make a little girl’s dream come true with her own little playhouse, complete with her own kitchen, a table, and chairs for tea parties and a place to keep her toys.

Likewise, for the boys. It could serve as a fortress against the enemy, a great place to draw, or read and it’s perfect for the parents whose children love all the noisy toys. Put them out to the playhouse and they can make as much noise as they need to.

Great for your teens, as well. When they start to crave their own space, they can have it and still be safe at home. How cool would it be for them to bring their friends over for a visit, a group study session or just to hang and chat or watch tv or play video games.

Guest or Pool House

If it’s a decent size, you can turn it into an extra bedroom, complete with a washroom and shower. It’s a nice way for guests to have privacy and enjoy their own space. A small dresser or vanity table and a closet or rack with hangers and it’s guest ready.

It can be used as a changing and showering space, as well, for those with a swimming pool. You can easily install dividers, a few chairs and a space for towels.

Laundry Room

Put your washer and dryer out in the shed. It opens up the space in the house and you can have as much space as you need. You can even install a clothesline, that can go in out outside for drying. Folding table, ironing board, and all the supplies can be kept contained.

Shed, Sweet Shed

Your shed house will be the envy of the whole block. With a little effort and plans that won’t break your budget, you can have the perfect shed house or anything else you want for your backyard.

Keep reading for more tips on home improvements that make it easier and less expensive for you to finish yourself.

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  • June 22, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    Hi I’m not sure where to start. I have a pretty small aluminum shed that needs everything! It’s about a 10 ft x 8 ft. I would love to have it for an extra space for my teenager!


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