Skin Tightening: How to Keep Your Skin Firm and Youthful

Skin flaws such as wrinkles, dry appearance, fine lines, and the like can contribute to making the skin look older than how it was a few years ago. Sadly, as this happens, people start to lose their self-confidence.

If you’re worried that your skin may be starting to lose its firmness and youthful appearance, you need not worry as maintaining your skin and getting rid of such skin concerns are easy nowadays.

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We live in an innovative era where treatment procedures are available to save your skin. Here’s a fantastic read about two of the safest and effective treatments that help to encourage collagen production.

If you want to find out your skin’s state, book an appointment with your dermatologist to have them identify your skin and give you advice. Besides seeking help from specialists, there are other ways you can do to maintain your skin.

How to Keep Your Skin Firm and Youthful 

  1. Cleanse your Face

It is normal to wash or cleanse your face regularly, twice a day. Once in the morning when you get up, and once at night before going to bed. This helps to clear your face from any bacteria and dirt from building up and clogging your pores. When this happens, it can trigger a pimple breakout or even develop acne.

If you have sensitive skin, going for facial cleansers that contain natural ingredients would be best for you. Whatever the condition your skin has, organic or natural ingredients are the best options. It helps to rejuvenate the skin without causing any irritation.

Avoid using cleansers that contain strong ingredients or alcohol contents as it can cause more damages to the skin. This happens because these harmful ingredients may wash off the face’ natural oils and result in dryness.

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  1. Undergo Skin Treatments

If you’re afraid to undergo surgical treatments and are looking for a cheaper alternative for it, non-invasive treatments are available in any aesthetic clinic. Not only are they effective, but they are also safe!

Although, you can consider such treatment procedures if you are suffering from severe cases of skin issues or you want regular maintenance for your skin.

Here are some of the recommended treatments:

  • Fillers – This treatment helps to smoothen out the skin reducing the possibility of further worsening your wrinkles as well as minimizing its appearance. Fillers may come in different substances. Commonly used fillers include the patient’s autologous fat, collagen, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid. Filler treatment works by injecting the filler substance into the skin with proper precision. This helps to increase the volume of the skin. Depending on what substance the doctor will use, results may last up to 9 months.
  • Laser resurfacing – Popularly known for treating all sorts of skin issues. Laser resurfacing helps to encourage the natural production of elastin and collagen fibers. This results in the plumping up of the sagging skin. Laser resurfacing includes utilizing a device that delivers beams of laser energy that reach the middle layer of the skin. You may be required to take multiple sessions for this treatment if you want to maintain your skin’s firmness and youthful appearance.
  • Thread lift – Thread lift is one of those treatment procedures that have minimal downtime. Only an experienced medical specialist can carry out this treatment. The treatment process includes inserting a stiff thread into the skin with appropriate direction to produce a lifted appearance in the depressed area of the skin.
  • Ultherapy – The only non-invasive treatment that is US FDA approved for tightening and lifting the skin on the neck, eyebrow, and chin. Ultherapy delivers ultrasound energy into the skin to boost collagen production and improve the skin’s appearance. Ultherapy is an effective solution for treating wrinkles and fine lines. It has surpassed numerous treatments being utilized worldwide, namely for its safe and effective treatment procedure and for its positive results.

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  1. Living A Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to maintain your skin’s suppleness or see immediate results from your disciplined skincare routine and completed skin treatment sessions, nourishing yourself from within should do the trick. The way our lifestyle goes may affect our skin’s condition. Having that in mind, a healthy approach is the best.

  • Drink lots of water – Skin needs to be moisturized. Consuming a glass or two of water won’t do any good for your health, even for your skin. The ideal number or glass one should be drinking in a day is eight glasses of water. Make it a habit to always drink water, and you will be surprised at how much it is helping to improve your skin. Avoid consuming too much alcohol and sugary drinks. These types of beverages will only age out the skin and worsen any present skin pigmentation.
  • Take in essential nutrients – One of the essential nutrients that we should be taking in is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens our immune system. You may find Vitamin C in most skincare products as it produces collagen and helps to get rid of blemishes and promote radiant skin. Certain fruits (like lemon, papaya, oranges) and vegetables (sweet potatoes and broccoli) carry high levels of vitamin C.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes – Smoking can ruin the skin’s complexion and elasticity. Some skin issues that you can get from continuous cigarette smoking include wrinkles, dry skin, and other skin depressions. If you currently smoke cigarettes and you plan to stop it for the sake of your overall health, keep in mind that improvements may not appear immediately. But the important thing is it will restore the normal blood flow to the skin cells. This is when collagen and elastin start to produce again.
  1. Apply Topical Retinoid Creams

Retinoid creams contain various vitamin components and have a rich texture. Retinoid is an ingredient found in popular skincare products as it decreases the appearance on certain skin pigmentation, such as acne marks and brown spots. It also helps trigger cells to absorb moisture, keeping the skin hydrated.

Retinoid increases cellular turnover resulting in the development of newer cells to replace older, damaged skin cells. Regular use of such products will restore the skin’s natural oils.

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