10 Simple Security Systems to Put in Place at Home

Investing in effective home security system helps protect your home, valuables, and your family. It also gives you peace of mind, whether you’re home or away.

But you don’t need to spend a lot on expensive security systems. Deterring burglaries is sometimes as simple as applying a few simple security hacks.

Not only are burglaries scary and dangerous. Burglaries are an expensive crime. In 2017, victims of burglaries lost $3.4 billion in property.

Let’s look at ten hacks and simple security systems to keep you and your belongings safe.

  1. Lock Everything

In addition to front and back door locks, look for other places to add locks. Be sure to use the locks once they are in place.

Add a locking gate to your fence. Add simple window locks to keep burglars from raising exterior windows. Don’t forget top floor windows when you add window locks.

If you have a doggie door, be sure you place the door cover over it when it’s not in use.

And lock that interior door that leads from your garage into your home. Do this before going to bed, and any time you are away from home.

  1. Use Light Timers

Noise and activity in a home, deter would-be burglars.

When you’re not home, give your home the appearance that you are.

Plug lamps into timers set to go on and off during the day. Leave a television on for some noise.

Preventing a burglary is sometimes as simple as making your home appear busy and less inviting.

  1. Mow Your Yard

It might seem silly, but mowing your yard helps make your home less appealing to criminals. Overgrown yards seem abandoned.

Keep the yard trimmed. Maintain flower beds and cut bushes.

Clean landscaping gives thieves fewer places to hide. And when you give your house and yard some TLC, burglars are less tempted to break-in.

  1. Add More Lighting

A well-lit yard is another way to burglar-proof your home.

Add bright exterior lights to the front and back of your house. Motion-activated lights work well to startle prowlers sneaking around your yard.

If you’re home and you hear a noise, flip on your inside lights right away. The sudden appearance of inside lights can scare a burglar away.

  1. Hide Valuables

It’s hard to hide a large-screen TV. But you can hide other valuables from plain sight.

Keep jewelry in a locking box or in a drawer. If a burglar looks through windows to see if it’s worth breaking in, seeing fewer valuables might send them away.

To remove any potential loss during a home burglary, consider a safe-deposit box. Keep your highest value items or sentimental pieces safe in your bank vault.

  1. Install Cameras and Mirrors

You no longer have to buy expensive cameras with lots of wiring to have security cameras in your home.

Today’s technology provides inexpensive wireless cameras. Install them anywhere and everywhere for a full view of your home anytime.

Access many camera systems online or through an app on your phone. Set up alerts when your cameras pick up motion.

For an extra level of safety, add a security service for live video monitoring.

If cameras don’t feel right to you, add security mirrors instead.

  1. Reinforce Your Doors

Even if the appearance of your home deters most burglars, there could be that one burglar who decides to go for it.

Reinforce the strength of your doors by adding hardware to your door and frame.

Most burglars don’t pick locks. They forcefully enter your home by slamming something against the door frame.

Keep burglars out with a DIY door fix. Add a wrap-around door reinforcement plate kit. Fasten this to your doors with stainless steel screws that are at least 1.5 inches long.

  1. “Safe”-ty First

For your most valuable things, get a safe.

Choose a safe that is heavy enough that a thief can’t lift and carry it away. For extra security, bolt your safe to the floor.

Today’s safes offer a variety of locks–from codes to keys to finger scans. Store jewelry and important paperwork in your locked safe.

If you have firearms in the home, consider a gun safe. Thieves love to steal weapons. And you’d never want a burglar to use your own weapon against you during a burglary.

  1. Secure Your Network

Your home is also vulnerable to burglary over the internet. Cyber thieves can learn a lot about your most private information when accessing your wifi network.

You are vulnerable to hacks when using an unsecured network. Thieves can steal passwords and financial information through your home’s wifi.

When setting up your wifi, give it a name that doesn’t overtly identify you. Choose a strong password for security.

Add encryption and a firewall for extra security.

  1. Get a Dog

Not only do dogs make great companions, but they also bark at potential threats.

Sometimes a barking dog is all it takes to scare away a potential thief.

A large guard dog is ideal for home protection. If you want to intimidate anyone who dares approach, choose a dog like a German Shepherd with a menacing bark. Train the dog to bark at anything that approaches the house.

But you don’t need a large dog to scare burglars away.

A small dog with a persistent bark can do the trick. The noise, more so than the fear of a large dog attack, is enough to make an intruder change their mind about breaking in.

Stay Safe With Simple Security Systems

Keep your haven safe from potential burglars. Use these simple security systems to make your home less appealing to intruders.

Making it tough for a burglar to get in your home is the best safety measure. When your house appears occupied and well-maintained, thieves will go elsewhere.

These days, you can automate many safety features in your home. If you’re considering any of the lighting and camera ideas we’ve mentioned, think about incorporating home automation.

Read our article about creating a smart home. Coordinating lights and cameras around your home can help keep you safe.

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