Shoe Trends for 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Top ten list of shoe trends for 2023

2023 heralds great change on a global scale. It also heralds all kinds of amazing trends in fashion, especially for footwear.

While some of this year’s looks continue the 80s trends we saw so much of last year, you will be thrilled at some of the innovative fashions coming down the runway, not to mention some of last year’s old favorites being revived.

Here is our top ten list of shoe trends for 2023

  1. Disco

One of the most eye-catching shoe trends is the revival of the disco look! You will think you are back twirling on the dance floor at Studio 54 with some of these delightful, glittery examples.

Vogue points out that designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Paco Rabanne are going all out with silver sequins this season. You will find chunky platform boots (see Shoe Trend 9) and sandals, but what they all have in common this year is sparkle!

This is one of the most fun shoe trends for 2023. These boots will make you want to dance the night away.

  1. Combat Boots

Since the 80s are coming back with a vengeance, we have to remember the other musical style which battled the airwaves with disco. Punk was another iconic style of the time, with all of its in-your-face swagger.

Punk fashion revels in black leather, buckles, and zippers, all perfect accessories for combat boots. Doc Martens and other tough-looking boots are back, and they are worn proudly by both men and women with everything from jeans to designer gowns.

  1. Lucite

Another throwback to the glitz of the 70s and 80s are Lucite heels and other “see-through” materials.

Kim Kardashian has been championing the clear footwear craze, wearing lots of examples from chunky Yeezy heels to over the knee clear plastic boots.

Be forewarned, clear shoes can be sticky and hot. But they go with everything, and they elongate the leg beautifully.

You will look like you are walking on air with this latest trend!

  1. Cowboy Boots

One of the hottest shoe trends for 2023 throws it back- way back to the Wild West! Cowboy boots are back and more chic than ever.

Cowboy boots represent versatility, rugged construction, and a wide array of possibilities. They are available in every kind of animal skin including vegan varieties. You can get them in any color you like.

You can pair these boots with jeans, leggings, shorts or skirts.

A well-made pair of cowboy kickers lasts forever. You may even be able to drag out that old pair you have from 1978 from the back of your closet and wear them tonight! Recycling the fashions from yesteryear is a good way to stay within your budget.

Make sure you scrub your boots with boot wax or mink oil every year to keep the leather supple so you can enjoy them for years to come.

  1. Mules

Taking their cue from the Mad Men era of the swinging 60s, mules are hot again as one of the popular shoe trends of 2021.

Mules can be hard to walk in, especially if you prefer to wear socks or hose.

A low heeled pair of mules can add class to a pair of short trousers without the aches that come with stilettos. You also don’t have to worry about those nasty blisters on your heels, and you can easily kick them off under your desk when no one is looking.

Many celebrities are rocking the mule look this season, from Blake Lively to Rihanna.

  1. Kitten Heels

Another look that you might have recognized from your mother’s (or grandmother’s?) closet is the kitten heel. These classy little numbers were all the rage during the Kennedy era, when Jackie wore them with her gorgeous sheath dresses and pillbox hats.

Kitten heels are sexy, even without the towering height of tall spike heels. There’s something sly and charming about them.

Plus, they are super comfy! They travel from day to evening smoothly and look great with long or short hemlines.

  1. Chic Wedding Shoes

If you are getting married in 2023, you will want your wedding shoes to be as trendy and fashionable as the footwear you rock every other day of the year. On your most important day, you want every inch of your attire to stand out, from head to toe.

Why settle for traditional white satin pumps? There are so many options for this year’s bride.

Remember, there will be lots of dancing on this day as well, so the shoes must be both pretty and functional!

  1. Over the Knee Slouch Boots

Over-the-knee boots have been in style for a few years now, and they have lost their “Pretty Woman” connotations.

This year’s model focuses on another 80s look: slouchy boots.

Yves Saint Laurent offered a pair of slouchy boots (in glittery silver, see Shoe Trend 1) for $10,000 a couple of year back, but luckily many designers are offering lower-priced options for this look.

  1. Platforms

Whether they are clear or sequined, the shoes of the moment for a night on the town are platform this year. And the higher the better!

Watch your ankles as you strap on these fun echoes of earlier decades. Once you get the hang of striding around in these babies, you will love how tall and confident a great pair of platforms will make you feel.

  1. Pink

Often called “Millennial Pink,” designers like Tom Ford showcased a lot of pale pink shades in their collections. Pink can look lady-like on a pair of kitten heels or it can provide shocking juxtaposition on a pair of combat boots.

You can also add accessories in pink like clutch purses or knapsacks to complete the outfit.

Nike is in on the trend as well. You can find a range of cute sneakers from this and other athletic shoe manufacturers. They come in many styles, from tennis shoes to trainers, and they are all available in millennial pink.

Shoe Trends : Too Many to Choose From!

You have so many cute styles of shoes to choose from this year- your only limitation is the size of your closet!

For more information on staying healthy, wealthy and wise (in addition to stylish), check out all of our helpful fashion blog posts.

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