9 Sexy Truths That Will Make Your BOSS Uncomfortable

There is nothing new about flirting with the boss. For as long as women and men have been together in the workplace, a certain amount of flirting has been happening incessantly.

This article will explain about the sexy truths that will help you flirt with your boss. If you see signs that your boss might like you and you would like to have an affair with your boss you can treat the below guide as a guru.

Some people say that the office is one of the best possible places to find love or have a casual affair. Others say that workplace romances often lead to sour relationships as well as bad professional outcomes. Dating your boss can be difficult but it can give you benefits in the professional world also.

Even if the world tells you otherwise, it is impossible to stop your heart from liking someone. There’s something particularly sexy about someone with authority and hence, the boss or supervisor becomes someone receiving a lot of admiration. Hence, this article will help you make the idea of an office romance a possibility.

Dressing Appropriately

The way a person dresses really impacts how they are perceived in the workplace. If you wear ill fitting, casual outfits at all times you might be perceived as a slacker who does not pay much attention to their looks.

You should dress well without making it appear provocative. Flimsy clothing does not make you look sexy just well fitted and classy outfits that hug your figure in all the right places can definitely make a few heads turn including your boss’s.

When the boss gives you signs he liked you but doesn’t want a relationship, this will push him over the edge to confess.

Being a Good Listener

When your boss is addressing a meeting, it is important that you make notes and pay full attention. According to Harvard Business Review everyone loves to be listened to and enjoy full attention in a conversation. If he needs a response for something later, you can answer quickly making you seem smart.

Eye Contact

Sexy Truths That Will Make Your BOSS Uncomfortable

Nothing can beat the role played by eyes when romance is around the corner. Always make sure to talk to them with a deep eye contact and not moving your gaze away from them even one bit.

When addressing a gathering of people, talk by looking directly into your boss’s eyes. It will show your confidence and make him uncomfortable at the same time.

Early Mornings and Late Evenings

In the workplace, people are often appreciated for being on time. But your boss will definitely appreciate you more if you make the time to come earlier than anyone else.

This trick will only work when your boss comes to the office early. You can get some precious alone time with him before the day starts to make sure you stay in his head all day long.

Same goes for late evenings, while people are aching to go out of the office to indulge in some much needed social life, staying late in the office makes you the preferred employee.

You’ll definitely get attention and might even get asked for drinks or dinner if they want to blow out some steam. Getting asked out is a big sign for physical attraction. And who knows what late night dinners might lead to?

Body Language

When your boss makes a joke at the lunch table, you can touch his arm to appreciate it and laugh loudly to make him feel you like his sense of humor. You can lightly graze over his arm and that will surely drive him crazy.

Most men like to be touched by women and a little tease can go inside their head for a long time. Make sure your touches are appropriate for the work environment and it will surely make him understand your intentions.

Ask them Out for Coffee or Dinner after Work

Ask them Out for Coffee or Dinner after Work

Once you have developed a friendly relationship with your boss, you can make them realize your interest in them by asking them out to meet up outside of work.

You are the woman of the 21st century. You don’t have to wait to be asked out. You can do it yourself.

People in power, love when other people take charge instead of them. Men find women in power very sexy. Falling in love with your boss is not a sign of weakness, mutual attraction signs that float by when he says YES will make you proud of your decision.

Tease Him about His Past Mistakes

If there was an incidence between the two of you where he had a little goof up or cracked a joke, remember that incidence and bring it up in an appropriate scenario to tease him.

Do not make fun of him in front of others as that is a complete NO. Tease him discreetly so that the two of you share a little joke and enjoy a more friendly relationship.

Do not forget that there is a fine line between teasing and making fun, do not cross it. Don’t overuse the joke so that it becomes irritating for him later.

Be Subtle

Make sure that you do not give anyone in the office reason to start rumors about you. If anyone in the office hears that you are having an affair with your boss, you can definitely vouch for the professional reputation for the two of you going down the drain.

Try to keep it as secretive as possible by communicating only when no one can hear what you are talking about. Always maintain a professional demeanor around others. Read more about rules of workplace flirting.

Connecting on Social Media

A lot of the life that we live now, is influenced by social media and it has become a constant companion of ours.

Sending requests on social media platforms other than LinkedIn like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, liking his posts and commenting on them will definitely make you an active member of his social life; you will have more topics to talk about.

You can get to know him better as a person including his family and interests. It will give you an insight into what kind of a person he wants in his life and will help you suit better to his requirements.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has provided you enough information to make your boss uncomfortable with these sexy truths.

You can apply them in your life and see the wonders that it can do for you. Just be confident as nothing is sexier than a confident woman!

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