Selling a House Made Simple: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

You have a house to sell but are not sure if you should do it all on your own or take help from a real estate broker? Selling a house is not as difficult as it sounds and as other people try to make it.

In fact, you can do it yourself. And, in the process, you can also save a lot of money that you would have otherwise paid to the real estate agent in terms of their fees and commissions.

While you can do it all yourself, you will have to do some things on your part that a professional real estate agent will do prior to selling your property.

If you are planning to sell your house yourself, here are some important tips and tricks that can help you out in the process and will also assist you in landing a reasonable deal.

1. Make the Place Look Great

For the buyers, the presentation of the house is going to make a first impression on their minds. They will not really be interested in buying a house that looks and smells bad.

Therefore, before you call them in to have a look at your property, it is important to make sure the house looks clean, smells great and is presentable.

Make the house sparkle. Fix anything that might turn off a potential buyer like scratched paint, squeaking doors, stinking bathrooms and messy countertops in your kitchen.

The more presentable and welcoming (read clean) a house looks, the more are the chances of landing a great deal.

2. Price it Right

It is important not to ask too much for your home. Wondering how would you know if the asking price is too much? Research is the key here. The best way to price your house is to look around and find how much the other homes in your locality are priced.

Find out how much a house in your neighbourhood sold for recently. You can of course add on some money to the additional things you are offering at the home.

The best thing to do is to price your home about 5-10% above the market price. This will help you find a deal close to what you are expecting in terms of money.

3. Market Your House

Nobody is going to know that your house is up for sale unless you tell them. Therefore, marketing your house the right way is very important. Exposure is the key here. From putting up an ad for your house online to making sure the people in the neighbourhood know about it, there is plenty to do.

Make sure when you are uploading an ad for your house on one of the websites or any other places, there are pictures of the house attached as it increases the chances of finding customers.

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