How to Select the Perfect Lehenga Choli According to Your Body Type

Every traditional occasion calls for sporting the best ethnic wear. If this festive season you have got tons of events to attend, you need to get your hands on the best ethnic wear.

However, if you are torn between wearing a saree and a gown, you can strike the perfect balance by choosing a lehenga for women.

Lehengas, help you pull off a regal look and let us not miss out on the fact of how deeply rooted in tradition the entire look is. But you can’t just buy a lehenga solely on the basis of how pretty it is. To pull off the perfect look, you must choose a lehenga according to your body type.

If you want to know how to choose a lehenga for women according to their body type, let us help you with this quick guide.

  1. Apple Body Type

If you have an apple or an inverted triangle body, which means your upper body is heavier than your lower body, you need to bring a balance by opting for a flowy lehenga skirt. Opt for softer and lighter fabrics in pastel shades to stay comfortable and pose a chic, trendy look.

For the blouse, you can choose the one with a wider neckline. For this body type, a ruffled or flared lehenga with a jacket or a peplum top is an ideal match.

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Selecting the Perfect Lehenga Choli

  1. Rectangle Body Type

For this body type, women should wear a lehenga that highlights the curves. Lehengas with embroidery or prints all over them, which are made of stiff fabric such as raw silk is an ideal choice.

You can wear a blouse with a plunging neckline and pair your look with a soft and flowy dupatta to add volume to your look.

  1. Pear Body Type

Women with this body type have a wider bottom than the upper body, so a flowy lehenga skirt is an ideal choice. Since you want to bring attention to your upper half, choose a heavily embroidered blouse.

You can even wear a cape-style dupatta so it will add volume to your look and take away the attention from your hips.

  1. Hourglass Body Type

This is body type has a well-defined waist with equal hip and bust ratio. You can opt for fabrics such as chiffon or velvet which compliments your curves but is also not too stiff.

You can choose a short blouse that highlights your curves. Any kind of dupatta will do but just make sure you don’t cover your waist with it.

There are lehengas for women that suit more than one body type.

  1. A Line Lehenga

These lehengas are ideal for pear-shaped, hourglass, and rectangle-shaped body type because they focus more on the upper half such as the blouse and dupatta.

  1. Mermaid Lehenga

Women with a rectangle and an hourglass body type can choose this lehenga because it beautifully accentuates the hips and waist, adding that oomph factor to the look.

  1. Straight Cut Lehenga

For those with apple-shaped and rectangular bodies, this lehenga is an ideal choice because it brings out the curves and creates a balance between the upper and the lower half.

Choose a lehenga for women according to their body type with these easy tips and tricks.

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