Secrets Of Off-Road Driving

It’s no secret that when driving, there is nothing more important than good grip. It is thanks to good grip that you can move, it is the grip that allows you to control the situation, it is the grip that determines whether you can overcome an obstacle or not cope with control. Traction is a key factor in driving, without which the latter is almost impossible.

So Here Are 10 Ways To Increase Traction

  1. Tire Deflation

Many people know that the easiest and cheapest way to increase traction is to deflate the tires. After all, when tires are deflated, the contact area between the wheels and the road increases, and this allows the SUV to more easily adapt to the road surface. Thus, wheel grip increases even on the most slippery road.

Another advantage of this method is an increase in the cross-country ability of the vehicle, which is especially important when driving, for example, on soft sand. If you intend to ride at less than 10 psi, then this method is recommended if the wheels are automatically locked.

  1. Improved Traction

You think you ride on four wheels, don’t you? In fact, when using an open differential, only two wheels are driving. This is because open differentials direct force to the wheels with the least resistance, which can result in a loss of traction (i.e., traction) and steering control.

The only way to fix this, and to be sure that the car will actually move on four wheels, is to equip the engine with a device that helps increase traction, a locker. The differential lock ensures that the action is on both axles and the power is distributed evenly to each wheel, regardless of road conditions. An alternative to this is differentials with increased internal resistance.

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  1. Portable Clutch

A sand truck is a device that allows you to pull out a stuck vehicle. They are especially good for those who decide to go alone. Whether you get stuck in soft sand or lose traction when driving in mud … Sand trucks are a great way to “self-heal” by creating artificial traction where there is none. In a particularly “vicious” situation, you can use several of them, connected to each other.

  1. Driving Technique

Determining the correct trajectory of movement and following it are just as

important factors as all of the above. We know examples when, with the differential open, jeeps overcame obstacles that seemed difficult to get around, and all thanks to the correctly chosen trajectory.

Another important skill is understanding when it is better to “start” in the highest gear to prevent wheel spin, and when it is better to increase the so-called ground clearance (distance from the ground) by climbing to the top of the obstacle, instead of trying to go around it.

  1. Choosing The Right Tires

You don’t take a knife to a firefight, so why would you use simple city tires for driving through holes and mud? Choosing a rubber for the terrain you are going to follow is just as effective as using lockers to increase traction. By choosing the right tires, you will be rewarded with continuous all-wheel drive.

  1. Flexible Suspension

Have you ever wondered why flexible suspensions are so popular in the automotive world? The more flexible the shaft, the more likely it is that all four wheels will not lose contact with the ground. The contact of all four wheels with the road will provide the highest available traction.

  1. Embossed Tire Tread Pattern

Despite the fact that tires are one of the most structurally complex and important elements of a car, they are often selected not for quality characteristics, but for design.

However, if you want the most grip all-wheel drive, don’t underestimate the tire tread pattern. It is generally accepted that tires with a relief pattern of the tread are used only in races, nevertheless, with the help of special devices, now a relief pattern can be made independently without leaving home.

The embossed tread pattern of tires increases traction by increasing the number of embossing elements, and can also make the tire body more flexible, which also increases traction.

  1. Disconnecting The Anti-Roll Bar

Designed to make the vehicle more stable on the road by restraining the movement of the chassis, the panar bar is an obstacle to flexibility. By decoupling the cross-bar system, you can increase the flexibility of any suspension, allowing it to show its full potential.

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  1. Studded Rubber

Studded tires, which are widely used on snowy roads, both for normal driving and for “ice” racing, have begun to gain popularity in off-road driving.

Adding studs to your tires can significantly increase traction in the area concerned, however, before you run to the store, make sure your area is suitable for this.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Use A Jack

Yes, yes, we understand that the jack will not help increase traction, but sometimes all it takes to get back into motion is a little push. If all of the above methods do not help, and you still get stuck, the jack will always help you get back in line and continue driving.

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