In Search of a Great Stock Market App? Try These 5

Looking to keep track of your investment portfolio while you’re on the go?

Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned shareholder, mobile apps can help you speed up your investing and even automate how you save!

If you’re looking to find the right stock market app for you, read on for a list of our top 5 apps!

  1. Robinhood

For free stock trading, look no further than Robinhood!

This app works to empower people to get involved in stock trading at no cost. Trading with Robinhood takes zero commission.

To get started to download the app to your phone, connect your bank account to bring funds into the app, and start trading!

  1. Acorns

What do you do with your spare change? The Acorns stock market app helps take the thinking out investing!

You simply link your debit or credit card and the app will round up transactions to the nearest dollar and invest the extra money.

Portfolios on Acorns are exchange-traded low-cost funds that allow you to invest in a small dollar amount.

  1. Stash

Some investors want a bit more flexibility in their investing. Stash is a low-cost stock market app that helps inform your investing decisions.

While Acorns invests for you, Stash offers educational content to teach you how to invest based on your preferences. This makes Stash an excellent starting point.

The app lets you choose between portfolios based on investing themes or build a custom portfolio.

Stash costs $1/month for accounts under $5000.

  1. TastyWorks

For a focus on equity options, TastyWorks is a mobile trading platform that offers tons of features at a low cost to investors.

On options and stocks, there are zero closing commissions. Commissions on opening trades range from $1-5/contract.

Along with a powerful mobile app, TastyWorks also has a desktop and browser dashboard so that you can access your portfolio on a variety of devices.

Like Stash, TastyWorks is also filled with educational resources on finance and investing.

These features fall in line with the developer’s ethos to encourage investors to be active and educated in managing their portfolios.

  1. E*Trade Mobile

E-Trade was one of the pioneering companies for trading stocks online.

With the E-Trade mobile app, the power E-Trade’s online trading features are available right in your pocket, whether you’re at the office or traveling.

In the app, you can trade stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, monitor your investments and stay on top of the market.

Which Stock Market App is Right for You?

These 5 stock market apps can help you keep track of your portfolio and manage your investing right from your smartphone!

Which of these apps have features that would benefit you? Let us know in the comments!

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