Save Money On Your Car? Avoid These (Big) Mistakes!

Saving money on your car is one of the smartest things you can do when it comes to money. A car is of no benefit and only costs you money.

So, saving as much money on a car as possible is crucial. Although everyone knows this, they often make the same mistakes. Costly mistakes, saving you a lot less money on cars than you could.

In this article, I’ll take you along with smart tips for saving a car, as well as how you can prevent major mistakes. After all, this is a matter of being smart with money, so do not pass up that free money.

If you actually apply these saving tips to your car, you will save thousands of euros annually. What would you do with that money? So, read on quickly!

Don’t be Influenced When Buying a Car

Humans are social beings, and social factors such as social pressure, the standard in your living environment and your self-perception that is formed by these social factors, thus have a significant influence on the choices you make.

Don’t think that you are always making choices that are best for you. Your choices are influenced by your social environment. Think of the opinions of your family or friends. And not to mention the smart marketing of companies that respond to this.

So, what does all this have to do with saving money on a car? Everything.

If you want to save a lot of money on buying a car, you will have to have self-control. Don’t be influenced by the social environment or smart marketing.

If your friends all drive expensive cars, you will be more inclined to buy an expensive or more expensive car yourself. Because yes, otherwise you will no longer belong, right? The same goes for family and your living environment.

Imagine that your neighbor has a more expensive car than yours… Some people cannot have this, and will also buy an expensive car themselves. No chance! You should laugh about how stupid the neighbor is for throwing money away, because a car only costs money and you will never make extra money (unless you are a taxi driver).

Marketing is also dangerous. Ignore the advertising of high status thanks to a luxury car. There is a little truth, but there are smarter ways to achieve high status, such as investing in yourself to make more money

Never Buy a New Car. Buy Used and Save a Lot of Money on Your Car

A new car is one of the finest experiences that we luxury horses could wish for. Wonderful that air of new leather, and the sleek, shiny appearance of our new car.

But this great experience comes with a high price tag. Very high. Because as soon as you drive your beautiful new car out of the garage, you are thousands of euros lighter.

Never buy a new car. If necessary, buy a used car with a few thousand kilometers on it, but never buy a new car. With this tip alone, you can already save thousands of euros on your car.

Saving tips to your car

When you have to (or want to) buy a new car, it is the best choice to buy a used car. Go for a car with a kilometer range between 20,000 – 50,000. These cars are still relatively new and require little maintenance costs.

As soon as you buy used cars above 100,000 km, you will have to take into account higher maintenance costs. The purchase value is lower, but the total costs as long as you drive the car (purchase, maintenance, fuel consumption, …) is higher.

Tip: A good start is crucial for successful investing with higher returns and avoid losing money.

Those who want to invest successfully (or build up capital) should start well. A good start is half the work. After all, you want to avoid losing money and be sure that you get a positive return in the longer term.

This is the difference between getting richer or getting poorer. Therefore, start 100% right by (continuous) investing in yourself!

Sometimes Leasing is Cheaper Than Buying

Can you really not resist buying a new (expensive) car? Then choose the best of the worst and lease instead of buy. Because if you want to drive a luxury car that is 100% new, research shows that leasing is cheaper. But only if you want a luxury car. That is also the reason that more and more people are opting for private lease instead of buying.

However, leasing also has a few advantages, so you can consider leasing a car rather than buying it. Both for private individuals, but certainly also for business.

By far the biggest benefit is service and significantly less worry. With Private Lease you never have to worry about repairs and maintenance again. This is all inclusive. And another big advantage is that you do not have to pay a high purchase value. This saves you the financial blow, so you can spread the expenditure more over time.

For example, you can save 10,000 dollars in purchase value, and instead invest this with little risk. In this way you can (more than) earn back the leasing of a car.

One way to save money is by selling your car. If you own a scrap car, you should consider calling a scrap car removal service.

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