How to Save Money on Destination Wedding – Budget Tips

An inexpensive destination wedding is something of an oxymoron. You probably think, it’s bound to be expensive and you cannot save money on a destination wedding. Yet, you can use some smart tips to make it cheap and low-cost, but at the same time, a beautiful wedding.

Some of the best places for Destination weddings can be awesome and also awful. Awesome because of the amazing ambience and thrill of getting married somewhere unique. Why awful?  Because of the drain to your bank account, not to mention, your sanity! Not only is it going to cost a lot of money, you and your guests will have to take more time off work as well.

How to Save Money on Destination Wedding

Don’t Bust the Budget

But you don’t have to necessarily bust the bank for such a wedding. I have some pro tips up my sleeve for destination weddings on a budget.  You can look forward to the inexpensive destination wedding without busting your budget.

Your guests will be happy to come too and will not be ticking off the ‘decline’ box on the invite.

How to Save Money on Destination Wedding Budget Tips

  1. Get Legally Married Locally

Now wait a minute. You wanted a destination marriage, so why on earth am I suggesting a local wedding. Hear me out.  Before setting out on the destination wedding getaways, file in all the paperwork needed for getting married locally and legally. You can save on the average destination wedding cost connected with:

  • Legal fees.
  • Transportation between government offices, thereby bringing down the cost of destination wedding.
  • Time spent at the destination.
  • Additional room charges, which will bring in more economy to the total cost.
  • Avoid the legalities required at the destination country.
  1. Select Wisely While Planning a Destination Wedding

While selecting destination wedding locations, take time to consider whether it has something for all concerned, something like all inclusive destination weddings.  Be smart in your venue selection for a resort wedding.  This can save you a lot of time and additional expense.

  • Activities for adults.
  • Activities for kids.
  • Range of rooms available at a different price for affordable destination weddings.
  • Fine dining options.
  • Availability of a Coordinator, so you don’t have to play the role during your wedding.
  • Other services offered.
  • Ease of reaching the destination (think about any additional taxes, transportation and travel documents that you and guests will need. All these could add to the cost).
  • Don’t select a very remote or inaccessible place. There will be visa requirements, additional fees and so on that can be avoided, unless of course you have a bottomless budget. Try to select cheap destination weddings.
  1. Discounted Wedding Packages

Maybe you think a wedding package is dull and unimaginative. Yet, on the bright side, it could save you a lot of money. Some of the best destination wedding packages offer several advantages:

  • There are local suppliers, which works out to be more economic.
  • Discounts are already built into the package and you can also bargain for more.
  • Some packages can fit in a bit of customization as well, making it special

For instance, Atlantis offering wedding packages lookbooks  created by Kristin Vining, showcasing different venues with couples being allowed to select the designs and getting customized versions.

Cheap destination wedding

  1. Consider Partial Resort

While considering destination wedding ideas, if you find the complete venue too expensive, you could ask whether it is possible to get one part of the venue instead.

You’ll get the needed privacy but you don’t need to pay for the entire property. Try to search for a resort that has several wings, so that you can reserve one space for your party.

For instance, if you are considering a beach wedding destinations, you could ask the property owners whether they would consider giving out a part of the beach.

  1. Avoid Peak Seasons and Major Holidays

I understand you probably want to get married to your dream partner immediately at one of the top destination weddings.  But it makes sense to avoid peak seasons. But off-season also poses the risk of bad weather; rain et al, especially for a wedding on the beach or island weddings.

I’d recommend booking between the peak season and the low season. The major weather risks would have passed and you’re still in a period where negotiation and discounts are possible.

While shopping, you can buy things out of season, as they work out cheaper. For instance, you can buy bathing suits, wedding favors, sunblock and flip flops out of season when they are on sale.

  1. Early Bird Advantages

Book early so that the prices will be cheaper.

  1. Guest List

Plan your guest list carefully.

  • Don’t compromise and don’t leave out near and dear ones who love you and want to be present on the big day.
  • Limit the guest list to close family and friends.
  • You don’t have to pay for the travel expenses of your guests.
  • More guest’s means more expenses connected with food, drinks, activities and so on.
  • Get your guest list planned out early, so that you can avail group rates, which are cheaper.
  1. Use Local Options Wherever Possible

  • Use local foliage and other local elements, instead of importing something foreign. (For instance, if you have picked a Balinese resort for your destination wedding, don’t opt for a French lavender themed reception. You will have to pay a monstrous amount to bring in the foreign décor).
  • Use local talent. There’s no point flying in a host of vendors. You could possibly stretch it to just bringing in your favorite photographer or your wedding planner, but use local artisans for other services. The additional advantage of this is that you can work with regional artisans, who will bring in the regional flavor to the destination wedding.
  • Keep decoration costs low and take advantage of local decoration available. The natural setting of the destination by itself offers beauty.
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