Sarees to Buy This Festive Season

Sarees are the most popular festive wear choice because of the elegant and traditional look they offer. The latest designer collection by various Indian saree brands, offer unique designs suitable for all such occasions. Soch Sarees, for example are especially known for their perfect combination of heritage, craftsmanship and elegance.

With so many festivals just round the corner, buying festive wear for each one of them can be pretty expensive and time consuming. At such times the best option then, is a Saree as it is traditional, multipurpose and budget friendly.

The latest designer collection by Soch saree offers you a lot of options to choose from at just one place. Buy them for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.

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Tip: Choose the right accessories to match with your saree. Even a simple Kerala white cotton saree having a golden border can look festive when adorned with beautiful bangles, necklace and the timeless jasmine gajra (floral hair bun).

Silk Sarees

Silk Sarees

Silk is the ultimate festive material. Combine it with some zari work and you have the perfect attire, be it for a morning temple ritual or an evening filled with family, friends and firecrackers.

There are numerous designs and colors in this material offered by Soch saree. Pink, sea green, mehendi green, navy blue, cream and black are just some of the beautiful colors on offer.

You can choose a stunning self-design saree or the timeless embroidered saree in this category.

Cotton Sarees

When it is a question of comfort then cotton saree is the one for you. Everyone knows the amount of work involved during festivals. Donning a stunning cotton saree will give you a festive look without it becoming a hindrance in your chores. It is work friendly, breathable and easy to carry.

Soch saree offers some striking color combination in this fabric. If there is the everlasting festive combination of red and yellow on one side then there is also an eye-catching combination of peach and yellow available in this category.

Georgette Sarees

If you find silk and cotton burning a hole in your pocket then go for georgette soch sarees. They are budget friendly, easy to wear and appealing to the eyes. And, there are a multitude of colors and designs in this fabric.

Choose from the light blue floral print, turquoise embroidered stone work, red self-design netted saree and many similar beautiful designer works by soch.

Each saree will make you look fancy, stylish and elegant and are perfect for evening as well as day wear.

Chiffon Saree

latest saree collection

Similar to georgette, chiffon saree by soch are also competitively priced. There are some spectacular designer pieces available that will grab everyone’s attention.

Like cotton, chiffon is also comfortable to wear and lightweight but can wrinkle easily.

Warning: Fabrics like cotton, chiffon or crepe tend to wrinkle and might not hold a crumple free look the whole day. Silk and georgette, on the other hand, are wrinkle free.

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Net Saree

If you are looking to glamourize your look this festival season then go for the stylish and sensual net saree. Its modern and trendy look will definitely lighten up the festival fervor.

Though, non-Indian, the net fabric has given saree the ultimate delicate and designer look. There are some tantalizing pieces by soch saree in this wondrous fabric.

Remember: The unique sheer nature of net fabric is also its drawback. It makes the garment completely transparent hence requiring special care and attention when donning it. If you are unsure about how to wear it then go for a saree that has just the upper part made of net and the lower part made of satin or silk or any other such solid material.

Apart from sarees made from the above fabric there are various other fabrics that can help you give a festive look. Satin, tissue, crepe also look grand and gorgeous.

Soch sarees has various designs like floral, jacquard, geometric, zari, printed, solid in all these fabrics. Just choose the one according to your liking and budget.

Wrap Up – Festive Designer Saree Collection

Make yourself feel special this festival season by adorning some classic designer pieces by soch sarees. If you are thinking of gifting sarees then also there are numerous festival appropriate and affordable options to choose from.

Do not forget to have fun while donning your favorite attire!

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