Top 10 Retail Sales Tips That Will Increase Your Profits

The retail industry’s market value globally is over 23 trillion dollars. Clearly, no matter what your product is, opening up a retail store can be very lucrative. But a store won’t do all the work for you. You have to populate it with competent salesmen.

If you or your employees struggle to reel in sales, check out these 10 retail sales tips.

The 10 Best Retail Sales Tips

Someone is at their most judicious and finicky when they’re thinking about buying something. This is a challenge for salespeople, but these 10 tips will make your job a lot easier and help boost your business’ profits.

  1. Utilize the Window of Contact

The “Window of Contact” is known as the period of time when a salesperson initiates conversation with a prospective customer. In this time window, it’d be smart to notice something about the customer and compliment them on it (e.g. their necklace, shoes, or blouse, etc.).

This gets them on your side and you can then segue your conversation into a discussion about your products.

  1. Appearances Matter

To sell the most, you have to look your best. A big part of sales is conveying your trustworthiness. No one is going to buy a car or piece of jewelry from a guy in a sweat-stained undershirt and a pair of track pants.

Throw on some work-appropriate clothes and you’ll sell a lot more.

  1. Don’t Judge the Customer

It’s a common trope in movies at this point, but it’s true: don’t judge your customer’s buying power just off their looks, gender, or clothing. That shabbily dressed man might just buy your whole store.

  1. “It Has,” “So You”

When promoting a product, talk about the features it has that will benefit the customer. Use a phrase like “It has x, so you get y” to demonstrate this.

  1. Streamline Customer-Facing Processes

In order to sell effectively, your store has to look immaculate and everything must be fully stocked. You can get all of your employees on the same page and streamline these processes with various software programs.

If your business is struggling with staying in tip-top shape, there are several solutions for retailers out there.

  1. Uphold Morale

If you’re the employer of a retail store, it’s vital that you make sure your employees are happy. Dissatisfied employees simply won’t put in the effort to sell your product otherwise.

  1. Open All Sales Channels

A physical storefront is great to have, but you should open up all of your digital sales channels as well. Mobile sales channels are particularly lucrative these days.

  1. Introduce Add-Ons

It’s always important to up-sell, either by recommending other products to customers or just throwing some knick-knacks and smaller items by the register.

  1. Read the Customer

Not all customers are the same, and they need to be pitched to differently and be recommended different products. A shy guy, for example, won’t likely be interesting in that hot pink Polo.

  1. Sell the Worst Products

Every retailer has a product that doesn’t sell well. If you’re a salesperson, you should look at this like a challenge. Try to get people to buy that t-shirt you hate. The increased degree of difficulty will make selling the good stuff easier.

Need More Business Tips?

With these retail sales tips, your profits will be sure to explode. If you need more advice or tips for your business, check out the Business section of our website.

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