The Ultimate Replacement Window Buyer’s Guide

How does a savings of up to $465 a year sound to you?

Really good, right?

And did you know that you can enjoy this by simply replacing your faulty, drafty windows?

That’s right. With the right choice in a replacement window, you can bring your utility bills down starting from $27 up to $465!

Who wouldn’t want that kind of savings?

But the wrong choice can also lead to even more damage (think increased moisture due to faulty sealing, which can then result in mold development). It can turn out to be a complete waste of time, money, and effort on your part.

We got your back, however. We’ll help you avoid these problems and hazards while ensuring you get the best bang for your buck when getting those malfunctioning windows replaced.

So, read on to find out how!

Where the Savings Come From

An average household spent $112.59 on monthly electricity bills in 2016.

Now, consider this:

About 50% of energy consumption in homes goes towards heating and cooling. That means your HVAC spending is at $56.25 every month! But that can go higher if your windows, doors, and skylights don’t keep the conditioned air in.

Old, leaky windows allow as much as much as 30% of heated and cooled air to exit your home.

As such, they’re letting nearly $17 worth of heated/cooled air go to waste. Multiple this by 12 (months), and at the end of the year, they let a total of more than $200 go down the drain.

So, by simply replacing your dated, drafty vinyl windows, you can already keep that $200 in your wallet.

But there’s more!

Depending on the energy performance ratings of the windows you’ll get, such as a lower U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), you can further boost your savings.

Windows that have lower U-factor (a number between 0.20 and 1.20) have higher heat flow resistance and insulating value. Windows that have lower SGHC (rating between 0 and 1) transmit reduced amounts of solar heat.

And let’s not forget the federal tax credits you can enjoy when you purchase Energy Star windows – up to 10% of their cost!

Homeowners who’ve installed qualifying windows have enjoyed these credits since 2016. Your state and city may even have their own programs offering incentives and rebates for Energy Star window purchases.

The Big Question: Is It Really Time for a Replacement Window?

The above-mentioned doesn’t automatically mean you should start taking all your windows out.

You first want to make sure they’re really due for replacement. In some cases, it’s more cost-effective to repair or reseal them.

To help you ensure you’re investing in vinyl replacement windows for the right reasons, here are a few examples of situations that warrant them.

  1. Too Much Damage

Sometimes, all it needs to bring a window back to its glorious state is new hardware or weatherstripping. But if you already have a broken or warped window, then it’s better to get a replacement.

Here are some other signs of damage telling you to invest in window replacement:

  • Windows constantly fog up
  • You feel drafts coming in even with the windows closed
  • They stick whenever you open or close them
  • They don’t stay open

If you notice any or all these signs, then you may want to contact a vinyl window replacement expert for quotes.

  1. It’s A Big Part of Your Home Improvement Project

If you’re planning to renovate your home to make it more energy-efficient, then replacing those old windows is a major part of your improvement project. Especially when you intend to put your home up for sale.

New windows, coupled with their better energy-efficiency rating, serves as a great selling point for your home.

  1. A Massive Storm Just Passed

San Diego isn’t immune to fierce storms, and these severe weather conditions can lead to broken windows and shattered glass. Strong winds can also knock them loose or detach them from their hinges.

Whatever the damage they’ve sustained, if they need more than a new layer of stripping, then a replacement makes more sense.

Also, consider the fact that you live near the coast. The external conditions in your area can do a number on your windows.

For instance, sea salt and humidity can quickly corrode windows. Such environments also make windows more prone to chipping, cracking, denting, and peeling.

  1. You Worry about Your Home’s Safety and Security

Although crime in San Diego hit its lowest rate after nearly five decades (that’s some really good news, by the way!), you still want to reinforce those entry points to your home.

When you have malfunctioning windows that fail to close and lock, you’re at greater risk of becoming a burglary victim. That’s because nearly a quarter of burglars enter a home through unsecured first-floor windows.

At the end of the day, replacing your windows benefit you more than just through lower utility bills. Just think of how traumatizing it can be when criminals target your home. That should be enough for you to consider upgrading your windows.

Final Replacement Window Considerations

Aside from performance ratings, you also need to consider the specific types of windows you want to replace.

For instance, if you’re renovating, then you may want to transform that double-hung into a sliding one. This way, you get to maximize space, while you also enjoy a better, less-unobstructed view of the great outdoors.

Aside from vinyl, your other popular window material options are wood and aluminum. But before you decide to switch, remember that in many cases, vinyl is a better option. Because even when wooden windows already start to rot, well-maintained vinyl windows still look and function great.

Lastly, make sure that the installer has the necessary licensure, insurance, and bond before you let them carry out work in your home. In California, contractors whose jobs cost more than $500 require a license.

Ready to Enjoy a More Energy-Efficient Home?

If so, then schedule a service call once you’ve made certain that a replacement window project is the best choice. This way, you can begin reaping all the above-mentioned benefits that better-performing windows have to offer.

And, if you want more home improvement tips, feel free to check our other useful blogs!

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