Stay Organized: Top 10 Recording and Listening Options for Small Business Owners

With the need for convenience being a must in everyone’s lives paired with the rapidly emerging technology popping up everywhere, it is only natural that a tool would prove to be useful in keeping our lives more organized.

Thus, the voice recorder was created. More importantly, the voice memo app for Android.

From dealing with busy schedules, wanting to harness those creative ideas quickly as they come to you, or you want to make sure you catch the latest lecture before exams, voice memo apps have proven to be widely popular amongst a variety of Android users. But with the growing popularity comes a vast selection of voice recorder apps for Android.

Who Has the Best Voice Memo App Android?

With the Android phones being one of the most popular brands of this generation, having a voice recorder for Android is a wonderful convenience. However, the next question arises: What is the best voice recorder for Android?

With a variety of features available in each voice recording app, we took the work out of finding the best app for you. We have compiled the top 10 best voice recorder app for Android to answer that question for you.

  1. Easy Voice Recorder

Just as the names suggest, the Easy Voice Recorder easily records anything you need with your phone. All you need to do is simply open the app, touch the mic button and start recording.

If you opt for the pro version, the app will include stereo recording and Bluetooth recording capability, as well as enjoying no advertisements.

  1. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

One of the best things about the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is the fact that it records everything as an MP3, making this app compatible with virtually anything. Not only that but once you have finished your recording, you can have your recording uploaded to Dropbox automatically. Keep in mind, however, that this app does not offer phone call recording.

  1. LectureNotes

We’ve all been there. Sitting in out college lecture at the crack of dawn after staying out too late. Thankfully, you have LectureNotes to save the day and record that lecture you were practically catatonic in. What’s great about this app is that it allows you to take and organize your notes, all within the app. While it doesn’t in fact record lectures natively, this app is packed with plugin options to both allow you to record your lectures and even film them, if need be.

  1. Music Maker Jam

For those of you aspiring to be the next JayZ, it’ll definitely happen. Why? Because you’ll have the help of Music Maker Jam, an app specifically designed for musicians. Record lyrics, music, or simply voice memos. What makes this app a musician’s playground is the capability to edit your recordings and has a slew of tools to help you remix your work. Once you’re done, you can automatically upload your work to SoundCloud, Facebook and more.

  1. Otter Voice Notes

Made for professionals, the Otter Voice Notes allows you to record a business meeting that can be shared, offers transcription, cloud storage, cross-platform support and can support photos. The free version can transcribe 600 minutes’ worth of notes, or you can upgrade to get over 6,000 minutes.

  1. Snipback

Snipback does way more than your average voice memo app android. Of course, it offers the usual voice recording, uploads, and file management capability. It also has features like upgrading the audio quality, recording duration and a noise reduction filter. Another interesting feature is the ability to record 30 seconds of airtime before you even hit record, however, you will need to always have the app open in order to do that, which could kill your battery.

  1. Voice Recorder 2018

One of the simplest and easy-to-use apps available, the Voice Recorder 2018 offers everything you need in an Android recorder audio and nothing more. You can easily record your audio, trim it, export it as an MP3, save your recordings and share them.

  1. Voice Recorder Pro

The Voice Recorder Pro is a one and done voice recorder for Android that allows you to take voice recordings and record phone calls in a variety of options such as PCM, AAC, and AMR. Plus, it has more advanced options such as bitrate.

  1. Call Recorder

Noted as one of the most popular voice recorder apps for Andriod, Call Recorder has the ability, just like the name suggests, to record phone calls. Along with that, it allows you to source your microphone, a voice call, and even a video call.

  1. Audio Recorder

The Sony Audio Recorder is a simple to use recorder for Andriod devices that allows you to easily record and playback audio on either your Android smartphone or tablet. Along with that, once you have made a recording, you may save and share it easily on social media.

Next Steps: Find the Right Voice Memo App Android for You

With the variety of voice recorders available for Android devices and other phone systems, finding the perfect fit can be difficult. To help narrow your search, review the above top voice memo app Android based on your individual needs to help ensure you make the most educated decision.

With features included in the voice recording apps that range from being able to share your recording on social media, having editing capabilities and even being able to save your work in different formats, the answer may be easier than you think.

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