Quit Smoking: How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes Naturally

Though it can be extremely difficult to give up this crippling addiction, there is no dearth of stop smoking aids to help you with the process. If you are a smoker who is thinking about how to quit smoking for good, all you need is a little bit of will power and make use of the natural remedies to quit smoking.

Post Quitting Symptoms

Before discussing the best way to stop smoking, let us take a look at what happens when you quit smoking.

When you quit smoking the oxygen level in the blood increases while the carbon monoxide level decreases.

Some of the typical post nicotine symptoms include dizziness, nausea and lightheaded feeling. In some person, the blood pressure and heart rate are also known to drop.

Most Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

No matter if you are trying to deal with the nicotine cravings, find a cure for the nausea or just want to flush the nicotine out of your system, the following remedies are sure to help you give up smoking.

  1. Water Therapy

One of the reasons why nicotine is so difficult to give up is because it permeates our system as a toxic substance. Once within the system it is very hard to get rid of.

However, water acts as a natural detoxifier and helps to purge our body of all the accumulated toxins.

Water helps to counteract the damaging effects of nicotine and helps the body recover from the side effects of quitting smoking.

Water is going to boost up the detoxification process of the body and help you fight the cravings.

  1. Grape Juice

The most important part about giving up smoking is to keep the nicotine craving under control and flushing the toxins out of the system.

Drinking grape juice every morning is a great idea since it helps to detoxify the body naturally and rejuvenate the internal system.

  1. Ginger Therapy

Nausea is one of the commonest nicotine withdrawal symptoms which one feels immediately after quitting.

In order to deal with the problem of nausea you need to include ginger in your diet. You can consume it raw, have it with tea or make a glass of ginger-lemon-honey. Ginger calms the stomach and alleviates the nausea feeling.

  1. Keep a Healthy Snack with you at all Times

Keeping a snack handy would help you combat your cravings in a healthy way. Instead of smoking cigarettes treat yourself with a gum, nuts, raisins, sugar free candies or sprouts.

Drinking green tea from time to time is also a good idea since it calms your nerves and helps to detoxify the body.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is widely considered to be one of the best natural ways to quit smoking. Ginseng helps you combat the nicotine cravings all-round the day. Ideally you need to add a tea spoon of ginseng powder to your juice, soup or water.

If that dose isn’t enough to help you with the cravings then you can take two spoonful every day. However, you need not go for ginseng in case you are already taking a multivitamin.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Your cigarette quitting potential gets doubled when you exercise at least 5 days a week. Running or yoga are two good ways of doing away with the harmful effects of smoking.

Yoga helps to regulate the adrenaline and cortisol hormones which are responsible for stress. There are tons of breathing techniques in yoga which boosts the pulmonary stretch receptors in a way similar to that of smoking.

Breathing exercises not only helps to improve your lung capacity but also helps to keep the mind steady.

  1. Change Your Diet

One of the easiest ways to quit smoking naturally is to change your diet. Any plan to give up nicotine should be complemented with a change of diet. Go for green salads every day to replenish the vitamin and mineral level of the body.

Make sure to incorporate loads of fruits and vegetables in your diet since they are known to make the cigarettes taste really bad.

During the initial days after quitting, try to avoid food like coffee, alcohol and red meat (products which are known to stimulate the craving for nicotine).

  1. Go for a Tai Chi Class

Tai chi is one of those martial arts which is known to help smokers quit.

According to a research people who practice tai chi thrice a week are known to stay off cigarettes for up to 3 months.

The meditative movements in tai chi not only helps to lower stress but also boosts circulation and feeling of happiness.

  1. Make Use of Smoking Cessation Products

If the natural ways are not working out well for you then you need to go for some of the quit smoking aids such as nicotine patches, nicotine gums, nicotine inhalers, electronic cigarettes, nicotine mouth sprays etc.

These nicotine replacement therapies would give your body a limited quantity of nicotine without the use of tobacco and therefore they cannot be considered entirely natural.

Nicotine replacement therapies work best when you combine it with behavioral therapy and support from family and friends.

How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes Naturally

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Some of the obvious benefits of quitting smoking are listed below:

  • It helps you breathe more easily
  • Lower risk of heart diseases
  • Lower risk of lung cancer
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Helps to prevent emphysema
  • Increased energy level
  • Better sexual performance
  • Lower stress
  • Smoking improves fertility
  • Cleaner teeth and fresh breath
  • Enhanced skin texture
  • Better immunity

Wrapping it up

Now that you know all the smoking facts, it’s time for you to take action and practice some of the easy ways to quit smoking.

Rather than doling out hundreds of dollars on expensive medicines and nicotine replacement therapies you need to try out the above mentioned quit smoking tips to naturally conquer your nicotine addiction.

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