10 Things to Do When Your Professor Hates You

College life is something that everyone dreams of since the day school life starts coming to a halt. The time of life which is full of fun activities and experiences knocks at your doorstep. This is the phase which is most crucial for a person’s transition from a student to a productive citizen of the country.

However, all your plans can come to a dead end when a teacher doesn’t like a student. Find this similar to your case? Your professor hates you? You need to try these tips to make your life better during college days and make dealing with a rude professor easier.

Things to Do When Your Professor Hates You

  1. Don’t Argue

It can get pretty tough if a teacher hates you for no reason. The most common type of hate professors show is by criticizing your work. Your arguing back is adding fuel to the fire and it makes dealing with difficult college professors even more difficult.

The best-case scenario is to listen to what the teacher is saying and resolve it at a later date and alone without an audience. The class would be more peaceful for you and without your rebuttal, the teacher would finish their grilling session way earlier than they intended to.

  1. Don’t Ignore Your Professor

The thing professors hate most about the students is their ease of dismissal. Don’t make that mistake when your professor hates you. Always listen to what they are talking about so that you can always reply to them.

Pay attention in class and answer them when they ask a question. Even in an argument don’t react, but show them you are listening. This way your professors would leave you alone and at peace more often than not.

  1. Be Proper In Their Class

Always be punctual in their class and if you can’t make it a prior arrangement by informing your teachers in private would be beneficial. This way even if they hate you, they’ll have no counter way for them to rebuke you during class. This will also have a positive effect on your grades since they cannot mark you as a late entry for any submission.

  1. Don’t Skip Their Class

If a professor hates you and you continuously bunk their class, you won’t earn any cookie points in their book. If anything, try attending as many lectures as possible so that you have closure. This way you’ll get a chance to grow on the teacher and with your constant exposure, they’ll learn to tolerate your existence to a degree.

In many cases, they’ll start accepting students after a certain exposure and even come to like them when they are attentive in their class. If nothing else, you’ll always have the comeback to their question about the current topic being covered in the syllabus.

  1. Think of Where You Went Wrong

It’s not always the fault of the teacher that you are unable to get along. Sometimes you are just at fault for the breakthrough. What you need to do is to take a step back and think what you did to make your professor hate you. After that, try to correct your mistakes so that you can have a peaceful relationship with your teacher.

Also, try to make nice with other teachers so that your feedback is positive overall and the teacher won’t find anything unnecessary to complain about.

  1. Make Good With Teacher’s Fav

Making friends and sitting with teacher’s favorite student in the class would certainly earn you points in their book. It will also boost your academic score and reputation at the same time.

Also, there are fewer chances for the teacher to call you out unnecessarily. You can also take help from the student and get more done in the class. This is a good way to improve the situation.

  1. Don’t Chat During Class

The most common way for a teacher to get their attention focused on a student is by finding them chatting during class. This is an instant hate for most teachers as they label the child as a troublemaker from the get-go.

Try keeping your in-class communication to a minimum and focus on the teacher. Don’t lend or borrow unnecessarily and avoid turning back during your class session. This will make you almost undetectable for the most part of the class. Also, raise your hand for answering when you can to a question, but not too often. Keep your balance in a flow.

  1. Think From Teacher’s Perspective

We often use language which is widely accepted from our generation’s point of view but not from an older teacher. Watch your comments and try to get a reading on what your teacher is thinking. Try looking at things from their perspective so that you can get a better understanding of how they are feeling, and about their emotions and thoughts. Make this about them and not only yourself. Try to accomplish what they want you to do rather than what you are adamant on doing as they have more experience than you do in the field.

  1. Ask Their Opinion

There is nothing more a teacher loves than to give feedback. If you ask for their input often and show that you are trying to get better, their hate will diminish very soon.

However, you need to make a visible effort for this to actually work. Involve them in your projects pertaining to the field and never ignore their point of view outright. This will cause an instant wave of smoothness on your relationship.

  1. Take The Middle Seat

The back seat is fun in the class, but this is where most of the hate of the teacher is focused on. Front-seaters hardly ever get called out. For the ones who sit in the middle, even if the teacher hates you, they’ll seldom call you in order to avoid disturbing the class.

However, keep your head low and don’t make unnecessary noises. Don’t sit up front but bend with the crowd of classmates and have a peaceful session for your class.

Summing up

If you are wondering how to know if a teacher doesn’t like you, consider observing their behavior and pay attention to whether they are treating you differently in a negative manner. If a professor points to you all the time for no valid reason, it is one of the classic signs your professor hates you.

Trying these methods would improve your college life by leaps and bounds. You’ll get a better understanding of your surroundings and the people around yourself. There is no need to keep pining “my professor doesn’t like me.” Douse the flames of hate and start anew with your professor today!

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