Why Do People Kill Themselves? Common Causes People Commit Suicide

The thought of killing oneself is a difficult decision which only a person having extreme emotional turbulence’s can take. Attempting to kill oneself isn’t as easy; however ironically the sufferer feels that it’s easy to commit suicide than to continue living with the fears.

There are ample reasons for spontaneous suicidal ideation that one needs to be aware of.  Appropriate knowledge about suicidal thoughts may help you in talking to someone who may be going through a rough phase of life. Also, if you are going through this extreme emotion then it is important for you to learn about the fact that committing suicide isn’t a solution for anything. There are several other reasons why you must choose life over death.

What Causes Suicidal Thoughts in Brain?

A person who feels terribly emotional and feel that they aren’t able to cope up with a devastating situation may develop suicidal tendency. Some of the common causes maybe end of a relationship, financial problems, sexual abuse or death of a dear one.

If you are wondering why people hang themselves or why they get suicidal then here are some of the major causes of suicidal thoughts in a person:

  1. Depression

According to reports generated by WHO, depression is one of the major causes of disability across the world. Majority of people experiencing suicidal thoughts suffer from extreme depression. Depression on the other hand is stated to have several reasons which push a person to think negative about every situation and the sufferer is unable to cope up with the situation. This ultimately leads to suicidal ideation.

  1. Genetic Factors

People having family history of depression and mental illness or suicidal tendencies may develop suicidal thoughts at any point of their life. Although, it is one of the factors which may provoke a person to commit suicide but it isn’t necessary that everyone having family history will develop suicidal tendencies.

  1. Physical Factors

Extremely low levels of neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin may increase the risk of mental illness which may cause emotional turbulence’s in a person. This may push a person to commit suicide as they may not be able to understand their emotional behaviors. Inability to handle the emotions is the prime reason that develops suicidal tendencies.

According to recent study people having suicidal thoughts have a certain kind of inflammation in their brain. Dr. Peter Talbot and few other researchers at University of Manchester recently conducted a study testing biomarker levels associated with the brain. The results stated that there is inflammation in the system of patients suffering from clinical depression.

Dr. Peter Talbot states that “Our findings are the first results in living depressed patients to suggest that this microglial activation is most prominent in those with suicidal thinking,”

He further added that “further research into the question of whether novel treatments that reduce microglial activation may be effective in major depression and suicidality.”

The fact is one can’t really check inside the mind of a suicidal person. We can rather understand about this problem by noticing behavioral changes in them.

Here are the Signs of a Suicidal Person Which You May Notice

  • A suicidal person may start avoiding close friends and family. They would slowly cut out from their social circle and start being aloof.
  • A person on the verge of committing suicide may show extreme emotions. For instance, they may be extremely angry or sad without any reason. Also, they may be irritable and aggressive at times. They may also lose their sleep.
  • Such people start planning their suicide by obtaining the required items.
  • A suicidal person may constantly think about ending their lives and therefore may bid adieu to their loved ones.
  • They start using negative phrases such as ‘when I am gone’, ‘I will kill myself’ etc.
  • Such people may start harming themselves and may have visible scars and injury.
  • They may have extreme anxiety attacks and may have feeling of hopelessness in every situation.

If you know someone who you may think is planning to commit suicide and wondering how to talk someone out of suiciding then here are some of the ways:

  1. Show that You Care

In case you come across a person showing visible signs of suicide then you must strike a conversation immediately. For instance, such people may have extreme emotions which mean they may be very sensitive. So, it is suggested that you first show that you care about them and wish to know what they are going through. Once they start trusting you they may open up to you.

  1. Respond to Them Quickly

If your loved ones share about their suicidal thoughts then you must understand the risk and respond immediately. You must offer emotional support to them and make sure they are not left alone for longer period of time. You can contact a suicide helpline and make the person talk to the counselors.

  1. Follow up on the Treatment

A person planning to attempt suicide may be facing extreme emotions and may not just recover by talking or counseling. They may need medication to get over the situation. If so, then it is necessary that you check whether they are taking their medication on time.

  1. Fill them With Positivity

A person contemplating suicide may often think they are left out and have no support. So, it is important that you take up responsibilities and proactively extend you support by calling them or dropping by. You must make sure you talk positive things about life. This may help them combat the situation and get over it.

  1. Encourage Positive Lifestyle

Make sure that your friend having plans for suicide takes up a healthy lifestyle. Check if they are getting appropriate nutrition and are eating meals on time. You must also check whether they are sleeping on time and are getting proper rest.

Wrap up

Suicide is the worst life decision one can make. One must understand the fact that ending life isn’t just the solution for anything. Rather they must face the situation and ask for help from a dear one.

If you have someone showing visible signs of suicide then you must extend them a supporting hand and show them that you care!

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