Patio Renovation Ideas to Make Your Spring Blossom

Patio Renovation Ideas

As you sit and enjoy your breakfast you look out into your backyard and realize you haven’t been out on your patio in months.

A space that used to be the center of family get-togethers now looks dull and uninviting. This is how you know your patio needs a little bit of TLC (tender loving care). And doing so doesn’t have to take much out of your wallet either.

To help, we’ve gathered some patio renovation ideas to help you refresh your space. Read on to find out what they are:

  1. Create Wooden Accents

Add some wooden accents to your patio to help freshen it up. The great thing about wooden furniture is that there are many ways to build them yourself. Just pick up some wood at your local hardware store and start building!

Also, consider switching out some of your floorings to wood flooring. This can change the whole mood of your patio.

  1. Add Some Shade

Add some shade to your patio this spring so that it doesn’t get too hot! Consider adding festive shades or umbrellas in different colors to give your patio a pick me up.

If you’re looking for a more temporary solution to the sun, check out this portable outdoor gazebo. Perfect for large outings!

  1. Separate Areas

A new trend with patios seems to be sectioning off areas for certain functions. If you want to add more of a garden on your patio but you’re looking at outdoor kitchens cut your patio in half for both!

Make these divides clear with stone tiles or small fences.

  1. Add a Plant Wall

Spring is coming and that means plants and lots of them! Picking the perfect ones for your patio will make the biggest difference.

Do you have a harsh wall near your patio that brings down the mood? Add some plants with vines that will crawl up the wall. This will bring a soft earthy feel to the space.

  1. Functional Furniture

If your family will be spending lots of time outside then it’s time to start thinking about useful furniture. Look for benches or outdoor ottomans that offer storage for your things as well.

Look towards chairs and tables with waterproof cushions. So, after it rains you and your family are ready to hit the outdoors!

  1. Add Color

Don’t be afraid to add some color to your patio renovation! Swap out seating cushions for bright colors such as Cherry Tomato or Pink Lavender. Both colors that are predicted to be trendy this spring.

  1. Patio Renovation Lighting

You’ll probably be spending a lot of late nights out on your patio this spring. Which means creative lighting in a must in your patio renovation.

Repurpose your Christmas lights and hang them above your patio for a soft look. Add a fire pit in the middle of your patio for a rustic feel and nights full of s’mores!

  1. Reuse Rainwater

To save water and keep your plants looking great. Consider installing a rainwater system. This can be done in creative ways and even be set up to maintain a fountain or small pond near your patio.

More Home Improvement Tips

Hopefully, you’ve taken away some ideas to make a small but very impactful change on your patio. For little cost too!

Making realistic home changes is what we’re all about. Check out more home improvement tips on our blog.

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