Paintings You Should Consider While Revamping Your Home

Your home will not become cozy on its own! While renovating, you need to add some aesthetics, such as nature paintings, to enhance the overall appeal and coziness of your home. Look into the lighting, curtains, walls, furniture, upholstery etc. while revamping your home.

Adding paintings, such as nature paintings, to the wall will offer it the ultimate appealing look. You might surely have some family photographs up on the wall. However, it may not be enough to bring in the desired effect. Let’s check out some paintings! There are so many styles of wall art available, so here are a few tips to find one that suits your needs.


You can opt for a large painting drawn on the wall! They are easy to install and reuse. It’s also a great way to transform a blank wall into a show stopping one.

  • There are different styles available, such as vintage, modern, classic, nature paintings etc.
  • Select a bright cheerful one in attractive colors. Check out these dazzling wall murals!

Tip: You could consider installing one in your children’s bedroom. It would be more fun!

Mural Paintings to Consider


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Remember: You can purchase one from a home goods store or make a customised one. Just provide them with a photo or a design and the dimensions you need and they’ll print it for you.

  • Murals normally come printed with adhesives on them.

Timeless Grandeur

If you are the one who leans towards the grandeur of the past, select these.

  • You can find many reproductions of paintings from masters like Leonardo da Vince and Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo amongst others.
  • Use them in your formal living room or a library.
  • If you have a modern home decor, opt for a Picasso or Kandinsky.

Tip: Buy a reproduction that uses fade resistant inks so that they last longer!

Contemporary Art Pieces

This refers to all paintings that are being produced today or within your lifetime!

  • There are different styles available on various online sites, such as Modern, Abstract, fine art, figurative and you can also further narrow down your choice by selecting the medium, such as acrylic, oil or watercolor; and the subject.

Nature Paintings

Nature Paintings


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Nature has been a major source of inspiration to man. Try to bring your home as close to nature as possible with nature paintings.

  • These could be paintings of a swishy waterfall, a calm mountain valley, a thick green forest, farmlands, a barren desert or the glowing Sun, a flower, a landscape, animals and birds.

Tip: You can even get an artist to create an exclusive nature painting of a place that you love!

  • These nature paintings can bring you a lot of joy. Remember the Vase with 12 Sunflowers by Van Gogh!

Vintage Paintings

Vintage Paintings


You can create a breathtaking gallery with vintage or antique paintings.

  • If you already have a treasured piece, go ahead and hang it. If not find a vintage piece that brings a smile to your face.

Remember: You can go solo or opt for a cohesive display with a group of works.

  • Inject a bit of history and character in your room with an heirloom or a priceless masterpiece.

Warning: Consider the frame and the colors before you buy one, so that they blend with the overall aesthetics of your home.

  • Look out for options of portraits of people; vintage landscapes; cowboys.

Tip: You can even mix vintage with contemporary and juxtapose the two!

Bottom Line

You could even find antique and nature paintings in your grandma’s attic or stacked in the rear of a thrift store in a dusty frame. Breathe new life into your home while renovating and add these paintings to beautify your home!

Select one piece that will be the focal point in a room, a single painting that will draw the eye. Hang it in a strategic place, such as above the fireplace or above your bed in the master suite.

You could also create an art gallery in the dining area or in the living room. Pick those that go with the whole setting of your home. It just takes a little bit of searching to find such paintings, so just put your brains to it and hit the sweet note! Happy renovating!

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