Optimize Your Frequent Travels with Flyer Points

If you are a frequent travel, you already know that accommodation and flights are the two biggest expenses of your trip. However, you can travel smart and save yourself a bunch of money by using flyer points that will help you fly for free!

That’s right. Flyer points are particularly beneficial for those who fly frequently. One can accumulate these flyer points over time and spend them later to fly for free.

What are Flyer Points?

Flyer points are also referred to as airline miles or travel points. Based on how far you travel and how much you use your credit card, you will get a prefixed amount of flyer points in return which you can collect to get yourself free air time when you have collected enough flyer points.

Flyer points are a component of a reward program that airlines offer. It’s like accumulating a bunch of tickets at an arcade and using them at the end to buy you a toy. Except, instead of the toy you can get a free round-trip flight when you’ve gathered enough points.

There are two ways you can acquire flyer points. You can either get a credit card that offers flyer points as an added perk or you can sign up for a service from the airline. It’s wise to use both to get as much points as possible.

Pretty much every airline has a loyalty reward system with flyer points. So, if you fly often and use a single airline every time, you can reap the benefits of their reward system.

It is wise to sign up for services through different airlines so you can accumulate various flyer points from different airlines. Why? Because frequent flyer accounts are absolutely free! However, keeping a track of all those login accounts with their respective usernames and passwords can be quite difficult. Points bank can keep track of all your different loyalty reward programs and help you organize your various flyer points to help you accumulate them efficiently.

 How to Get the Most Rewards

Like George Clooney from Up in the Air, you don’t want to miss any opportunity of getting extra flyer points. If you can get more than one flyer points on your dollar, then there is no reason for you to settle for one if you want to make the most out of your airline’s reward program.

You need to strike a balance between how many points you spend and how many you gain that will help you maximise your rewards. A good way to get some extra flyer points is to use the free dining programs that airlines offer. If you’re going to dine out, you might as well get some flyer points while you’re at it.

Additionally, you can even buy and sell flyer points from the airline you are dealing with. You can use online brokers for this purpose too if you’re falling short of flyer points. We’ll also have you know that using your flyer points for a free trip on Sunday will actually cost you more flyer points. Tuesdays are the cheapest to fly when you have decided to redeem those flyer points you’ve been accumulating.

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