Why Office Cameras Are a Necessary Investment

The office is the heart of your business. It’s where you and your hard-working employees come together to design, sell, and perfect your products and services.

So, it makes sense that you’d want to protect something so important. Yet a shocking number of businesses are simply taking a gamble by leaving their office unmonitored.

One of the best ways to prevent crime, according to the Office of Procurement and Property Management, is to invest in office cameras.

Here are just a few reasons why office cameras are a great investment for offices of every size.

Office Cameras Cut Down on Workplace Theft

Employee theft is a lot more common than many seem to think. And while a few office supplies or reams of paper may not seem like much in the long run, these thefts can quickly add up.

Workplace theft costs a staggering $50,000,000,000 on an annual basis. If that isn’t reason enough to invest in an office-wide camera system, it’s worth noting that employees who steal often repeat their crime.

In fact, according to a claim, three out of four employees will steal from their employer and that 37.5 percent of those employees are likely to commit theft repeatedly.

It’s less a question of ‘Will your employees steal?’ and more like ‘What will they steal and how much will it be worth?’

Security Can Reduce Insurance Costs

It’s clear that office cameras can save you thousands of dollars in theft and legal issues. But adding a camera system to your office can cut down on the cost of business insurance.

Protecting your assets isn’t just good news for you — it’s good news for your insurer. The more cautious and careful you are, the lower your rates are likely to be.

Since many cameras are quite affordable, security cameras practically pay for themselves in insurance savings alone.

Track Productivity

Think of how much time you waste during an average workday. From procrastination to watercooler conversations to basic internet distractions, there are tons of ways to get off track at work.

While each of these seems harmless enough, and perhaps even necessary for a happy work environment, lost productivity means lost profit.

With cameras, you can monitor your office’s productivity and devise a way for you and your employees to stay on task.

Cameras Promote a Safe Workplace

A study published by Cornell suggests that environments with a CCTV security system saw a 51 percent decrease in crime.

By installing cameras, you and your employees can work diligently knowing you’re safe and secure. A safe environment is a productive environment, after all.

Your employees deserve to feel safe in the workplace.

Final Thoughts on The Benefits of Office Cameras

Adding cameras to your office is a great move that can boost your productivity and save you a bit of cash at the same time.

And aside from the monetary value, your employees will feel safer, more secure, and happier knowing there’s a security system in place.

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