Why You Should Never Hit Your Dog As Punishment

Hitting a dog for discipline is a cruel and unjust act. Never hit your dog as it can not only hurt him but also instill fear in him for you. If you love your dog, you should replace punishment with effective training and guidance.

A study published in the journal “Applied Animal Behavior Science” states that using punishment techniques to train dogs can increase aggression in dogs. The aggressiveness of dogs depends on the nature and severity of the punishment. The aggression of 43% dogs increased on being hit, while only 3% dogs showed increased aggression to a corrective sound.

Beating Your Dog

Unlike human beings, dogs do not have a vindictive nature. If your dog upsets you, it simply implies that he does not understand your rules. Instead of beating your dog, you should guide and train him in a non-violent way.

Positive reinforcement training focuses on ignoring the wrong behavior and showering praises for good behavior. You can use this form of training for disciplining your dog. Never hit your dog if he does not obey your orders. People who fail to teach their dogs through effective training methods resort to hitting them.

Reasons for Never Hitting Your Dog

‘Hitting’ as dog punishment is not only cruel and harsh; it is also ineffective. You should know how to punish a dog without being cruel and inhumane. At first, take a look at the various reasons why you should never hit your dog as punishment.

Here’s Why You Should Never Hit Your Dog as Punishment

Never Hit Your Dog as Punishment

  1. Hitting Can Hurt Your Dog

It is a prevalent myth that dogs do not feel a lot of pain. Just like humans, dogs have a nervous system and they feel pain exactly the way humans do. So, never hit your dog to make him learn manners.

Some dogs yelp to express their pain, whereas others suffer in silence. Hitting your dog can also result in serious injuries and accidents. Although dogs are not as emotional as human beings, beating your dog can result in emotional scars.

  1. Hitting Can Affect the Bond That You Share with Your Dog

Never hit your dog as it can affect the beautiful bond that you share with your pet. Your dog will not be able to trust you if you beat him every time he disobeys your order. As a dog owner, you should be the source of guidance and trust.

Dog punishment can make your dog fearful and battered. Sudden movements, noises, and gestures can scare your dog. As a result, your dog will not be strong and active.

  1. Your Dog May Bite You

If you hit your dog often, he will start living in constant fear. Hitting your dog can completely backfire you if your dog chooses to bite back for defending himself. A dog bite can result in severe pain, injury, and infections.

Many dog owners commit this mistake in the name of dog discipline. Hundreds of dogs become fearful biters because their owners hit them as punishment.

beating your dog

  1. The Behavior of Your Dog Can Change

Spanking your dog can yield only negative results. Over time, you will notice various changes in your dog such as low self-esteem and submissive urination. Never hit your dog as it can make him insecure and scared.

Your dog cannot walk with his head held high. Living in constant fear will make your dog nervous and excessively submissive. He will always try to hide from you.

  1. Beating Can Make Your Dog Run Away

Beating your dog can make you lose him forever. A fearful dog will try to run away if he gets an opportunity. Negative reinforcement triggers the survival mode in an animal. Your dog can become defensive and try every possible way to avoid punishment.

Never hit your dog because it will not address the problem. Instead, your dog will identify you as the source of his pain. Whether your dog barks excessively or pees in the house, spanking him will only make matters worse.

Your dog is your responsibility. Being the owner of your dog, you have the right to correct his behavior and train him. You need to know how to discipline your dog in the right way.

How to Discipline a Dog?

Now that you know the harmful consequences of hitting as dog punishment, you need to learn about the best methods of dog discipline. Instead of aversive obedience training, you can try positive obedience training.

how to discipline a dog

If you are wondering about the things to do with your dog, you can try the following positive and disciplinary methods:

  • Time-outs
  • Taking the toys of your dog away when he misbehaves
  • Raise your voice to stop the unwanted behavior of your dog
  • Avoid caressing your dog when he misbehaves. Do not give attention to your dog for some time
  • Eating treats
  • Belly Rubs

If you try these simple tips, you will be able to discipline your dog in a humane way. These tips are highly efficient for training your dog. Your dog won’t get scared but will understand that you won’t tolerate his misbehavior.

When dogs are young, they can learn things quickly. Therefore, it is easier to discipline a puppy. You can raise your puppy to become a well-behaved dog through praise and treats.

You can use a reward system to discipline your dog. When your dog will understand the types of behavior that result in prizes and affection, he will continue it. Similarly, taking your dog’s toy or depriving him of attention will teach him to avoid behavior that leads to it.

If you praise your dog for going potty outside, he will repeat the practice. Dogs want to please their owners. If you train your dog with patience, he will definitely follow your orders.

Wrapping it up

Never hit your dog as punishment. By beating your dog repeatedly, you will condition him to see you as the source of his pain. Reward-based discipline is the best way to train your dog.

Find out the things that your dog loves. It can be walks, tasty treats, snuggle time and play time. In order to discipline your dog, let him understand that you are in control of his favorite activities. Whenever your dog misbehaves, deprive him of the rewards. When your dog follows your orders, shower him with praises and treats.

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  • January 20, 2020 at 8:19 am

    I believe too dogs have strong memory over hard feelings. They tend to remember a person who hurt them for their entire life. People lack of knowledge on how to properly discipline a stubborn dog.


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