Top 6 Natural Sleep Remedies That Help Insomnia

Do you struggle to fall asleep no matter how tired you are? You are certainly not alone.

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. This condition plagues millions of people on a nightly basis.

Although insomnia is a common condition, it’s more of a symptom than an actual problem. The cause could be as simple as drinking caffeine too close to bedtime or due to anxiety caused by stress. I suggest you try natural sleep remedies.

Top 6 Natural Sleep Remedies that Help Insomnia

There’s nothing worse than lying in bed unable to fall asleep. Next time you have a problem with insomnia, try some of these top 6 natural sleep remedies.

  1. Eliminate Caffeine

I highly recommend trying to eliminate caffeine from your diet altogether. After all, there’s no nutritional need for caffeine. But if this seems difficult to avoid, at least consider cutting off the caffeine consumption early in the afternoon, especially soft drinks and coffee.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that you stop drinking caffeinated beverages at least six hours before bedtime.

  1. Take a Warm Bath Before Bedtime

When it comes to natural sleep remedies, there’s nothing more relaxing than a warm bubble bath. Settle into warm, sudsy water and close your eyes.

The warm water soothes your achy muscles and naturally causes you to relax. Perhaps light a few candles and put on some soothing music.

  1. Drink Warm Milk

For decades people have been drinking warm milk before bed to help them sleep. Make this a part of your pre-bedtime routine to help you relax.

There’s something about a glass of warm milk that reminds us of childhood and grandmother’s house, and this is somehow just what we need to set us in the mood for sleep.

Melatonina is made from plants and is a good option for helping you achieve a restful night in bed.

  1. Aromatherapy

Consider getting aromatic candles, or an essential oils diffuser. Aromatherapy works wonders, soothing the senses and providing an atmosphere conducive to a good night’s sleep.

  1. Working Out

A late afternoon or early evening workout is a great way to burn off the stress of the day.

Time on the treadmill provides an effective physical release and exhausts the body so that you are ready for rest.

  1. Listen to Soothing Tunes

While we do not recommend listening to the radio or watching TV before bed, having soothing tunes playing, or sounds of nature that are conducive to relaxation and sleep, are an option for helping settle your mind and help keep you sleeping soundly throughout the night.

Natural Ways Around Insomnia

The best way to combat insomnia is to prepare for bed in a conscious, healthy manner.

Consider giving yourself a buffer of at least an hour before bedtime to begin shutting down your mind and preparing your body for sleep. Don’t read, drink, or watch anything stimulating. Have a meditation time to quiet your mind.

The truth is we prepare our minds and bodies for our sleep experience long before bedtime. And the earlier in the evening we begin to shut down and settle into a frame of mind for sleep, the better our quality of rest will be.

Keep reading for more great health tips and leave comments if you have any thoughts.

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