How To Make Money With Junk Cars

Even if you haven’t sold a car for scrap, you’ve more than likely driven past a scrapyard. These places are full of cars that are in various states of disrepair. Some have been in auto accidents, while others simply broke down and were too expensive to repair.

No matter the reason for being junked, these cars still have some life left in them, in one way or another. Before you sell your old, beat up the car to junk car buyers, you should try to make some money off of it yourself.

Who Wants To Buy A Junked Car

Believe it or not, there are quite a few people who will buy a junked car. These include people who simply want to use it for parts, as well as those who think that they can fix it. There are whole industries that have sprung up around these junked vehicles.

Companies that handle metal recycling and metalwork will buy them and reuse the parts for other purposes. Others include junkyards (which we’ve already somewhat discussed), and auto body shops.

Selling A Junk Vehicle Whole

Before you call up your local scrapyard to have them haul away your broken car, you should try to find a buyer first. You can place ads online for it. There are entire websites that specialize in selling junk cars. You can place an ad there or on Craigslist. Most newspapers also have auto sales section on the weekends when you’re more likely to attract a buyer.

The key is, to be honest about the condition of the car. You also need to be willing to negotiate the price. People will always try to haggle with you to get the best price. Selling directly to a buyer in this way will get you the most money.

Make Money With Junk Cars

Sell As Many Parts As Possible

If you have any kind of car knowledge, you should take your car apart and sell the pieces individually. Some parts, such as the catalytic converter, are made from platinum. If you remove this part and take it to a scrap dealer, you can make quite a bit of money.

Any salvageable parts, including the radiator, engine, transmission, and exhaust system can all be sold individually. This is exactly what a scrapyard does, only they leave the car whole and require anyone who wants a part to remove it themselves.

When It Doubt, Take It to a Scrapyard

Calling a scrapyard and having your junked car towed away should be your last resort. If no one seems interested in your old car, and no buyers have stepped up to purchase its parts, then it’s time just to get rid of the car.

Most scrapyards will send out a tow truck and then pay you for your old car. This process is fairly painless, and you’ll need to have all of the correct paperwork, including the title.

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    The used vehicle market has never been stronger so I think many out there who own used cars will be quids in if they decide to sell in the near future.


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