How to Make Modern Business Cards That Stand Out In the 21st Century

Think business cards are a thing of the past? Think again!

Although they’ve been around forever, business cards are still a useful tool for networking and growing your company or personal business. You’ll feel pretty embarrassed the next time you’re at an event and someone asks for your card only to find you don’t have one. Don’t make that mistake!

The good news is there are plenty of ways to make modern business cards that will stand out in the marketplace today. Read on to learn about:

5 ways to breathe new life into your business cards

  1. Upgrade Your Paper

Handing over a card on flimsy paper won’t get you the kind of attention you’re looking for. If you’re going to make and print business cards, don’t cut corners. Get a weighted paper that feels sophisticated and classy.

This may sound like a negligible addition. Who will notice anyway? Well, the truth is, people will notice when it feels cheap, so stop that in its tracks by upgrading your paper stock. A right company can help you select the right stock for your budget.

A business card hand-off is all about perception. If you have a higher quality paper stock, people will subconsciously pick this up and make a mental note.

  1. Less Is More

One way to modernize your cards is to make them look, well, modern. This can be easily accomplished in the font and color you use and what you put on the card. Keep it clean, simple and easy to read.

Choose an aesthetically pleasing font in a neutral color like black or dark grey and steer clear of anything that makes the letters hard to read. A good rule of thumb is that thinner lettering will always appear more modern than chunky blocks or cursive print.

  1. Change the Shape

3.5-by-2 inches is the standard size when it comes to business cards. But it’s 2018 and you don’t have to stick to this rule any longer.

There are simple ways to change the shape of your card like ordering stock with rounded edges. This will keep the standard size but give it an updated and personalized feel.

Another option is to print vertically instead of horizontally. So even though you are still selecting the standard size, it’s visually different and will stand out to someone you hand it off to.

  1. Include Your Socials

You can give your business card an update by swapping out that office fax line with your social media handles instead. If your company has a social media platform they use frequently to attract new business, put it on your card.

You can also include your personal handles if your job is social media heavy and you use those platforms to grow your business.

  1. Print on Something Else

You don’t have to stick to cards to get your information out there and have an item to pass around at work events. You can print your information the same way you would on a card on things like a flash drive, pens, pads of paper and more.

This way you’re giving people something they might actually and look at frequently which could have a stronger lasting effect than a card.

Get Started on Your Modern Business Cards Today

With these helpful tips about how to create modern business cards, why wait to make the change? You can revamp your card and attract more business using a clean, clear and up-to-date card that will impress anyone you meet.

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