5 Magical Plants for Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better

Lack of sleep can make you irritable and risk your mental and physical health. Luckily, one way to beat sleep deprivation is opting for best plants for bedroom. Yes, you heard that right. There are indoor plants that don’t need sunlight and can be put up anywhere to help you sleep like a baby.

Proper sleep and good food—these are the two basic requirements that’ll help you get through daily struggles of life.

However, it’s understood that humans can survive a bit longer under starvation than sleep deprivation. Before you read on and find out more about plants that induce sleep, it’s quintessential to know what the drawbacks of insomnia are.

Magical Plants for Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better

  • Exhaustion and Sleepiness

The foremost side effect of sleep deprivation is feeling drowsy and fatigued all the time. You can feel run-down and exhausted throughout the day and night. Sleepiness, in reality, is a good sign of your body telling you to get some quality sleep. However, it can affect your efficiency and work output negatively.

Moreover, wanting to sleep all the time can lead to bigger problems such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

  • Inability to Concentrate

Having plants for the bedroom just to help you sleep might sound unconventional. But whatever helps you get quality shut-eye and raise your alertness should never be given a pass.

It’s understood that insomnia can impair your ability to concentrate. This means you’re prone to making mistakes which can ultimately result in accidents.

Not just that, chronically sleep deprived individuals witness a drop in their performance outputs. They also fail in recognizing the fact that their concentration levels are rapidly decreasing.

  • Mood Swings

This one is obvious. Those who aren’t properly rested have excessive mood swings that can leave them feeling irritated and cranky all day. What’s scary is that the outbursts and mood swings are unpredictable.

Moreover, sleep deprivation affects the frontal lobe of the human brain. And what starts out as mood swings and sudden outbursts ultimately gives rise to anxiety, depression, nightmares, and increased risk of suicide.

  • Cognitive Degradation

Sleep deprivation is linked with three types of mental disorders that can alter perception and personality.

The first kind of mental illness is disorientation. An individual can lose track of time and become oblivious to their surroundings. In severe cases, disorientation can push someone to such extremes that they will not know who they are.

The second and third types of mental disorders that can be a result of sleep deprivation is paranoia and hallucinations. When hallucinated, a person might see visual facades which aren’t present in reality. On the other hand, a paranoia makes you believe that you’re being persecuted by an outside entity.

The drawbacks of insomnia are detrimental and life-threatening. Somatic complaints, aches, and disruption of sleep cycle are other side-effects that are equally dangerous as the ones mentioned above.

Consulting a doctor and indulging in relaxing activities are all good ways to battle sleep deprivation. But changing your environment, especially your home to help you sleep is also essential. Given below are some of the best plants for home that’ll help you with your sleep.

Battling Sleep Deprivation: Here’s What You Will Learn About Best Indoor Plants That’ll Help You Sleep Like A Baby

  1. English Ivy: One Of The Best Air Purifying Plants

 English Ivy One Of The Best Air Purifying Plants

English Ivy does look like weed, clambering about, latching itself to any object for support. But don’t be fooled by its appearance because it’s known to be one of the best air cleaning plants.

It’s also an effective mold-cleaning agent. Studies have shown that English Ivy fights the toxins in the air released by molds. These molds cause give rise to coughs, allergies, irritations, fever, and chest pain—all harbingers of insomnia.

Home plants such as this climber are relatively easy to maintain. Start out with a pot and water the soil until it’s moist, but not oversaturated with water. Once it’s fully developed, they require minimum maintenance and can withstand the driest environments.

  1. The Passion Flower: Beautiful And Effective

Passion Flower Beautiful And Effective

Plants for bedroom doesn’t get any better than the majestic passion flower. Considered one of the best bedroom plants, it comes in a spectrum of colors, namely white, red, blue, yellow and purple.

Of course, beautifying with flowers in bedroom at night with the Passion Plant not only solves your decorative problems, but also helps you sleep. It is understood that this plant counters sleep disorders that are related to anxiety and nervousness. Moreover, it also treats insomnia and gastrointestinal problems.

A study has shown that the Passion Plant has the same effect as the drug Oxazepam in fighting anxiety, without leaving an individual with reduced performance at work or home.

With the Passion Flower, not only are you decorating bedroom with plants but also helping yourself to sleep better.

  1. Oh Jasmine!

Jasmine flower

Living room plants such as the Jasmine is renowned for its yellow and white flowers that release an effervescent fragrance.

Home plants such as this also serve as great plants in bedroom as it releases a sweet perfume that acts as a sleeping agent. Studies have shown that home plants like the Jasmine induces quality sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and full of energy the next morning.

  1. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies for Better Sleep

There are plenty of plants that release oxygen during the day, but very few plants that release oxygen at night.

Plants for room that release oxygen at night is Gerbera Daisy. They come in a variety of colors that’ll undoubtedly lighten your mood. But what’s fascinating about it is that it purifies the air.

Not just that, the oxygen it releases at night is helpful for sleeping and fighting pulmonary illnesses. You also end up waking refreshed and brimming with energy the next morning.

  1. Bamboo Palm Has You Sorted

Bamboo Palm for Sound Sleep

There are plenty of natural compounds and chemical that surge inside plants. Take Bamboo Palm for instance.

It’s one of the best feng shui plants that attracts positive energy. Apart from that, it purifies the air by removing chemicals such as trichloroethylene and benzene, thus improving the quality of sleep.

It’s also one of the few plants that grow in the dark and are easy to maintain.

If you’ve decided to grow plants indoor to sleep better, you’re on the right track. Besides making your home look better, and helping you sleep, they also have plenty of other benefits. For instance, take aloe vera plant for sleep. It’s known to release oxygen at night and doesn’t require much watering as it maintains the water within its leaves. The sap present in the leaves can also treat cuts, infections, and dry skin.

That’s about it for this list. You can check out other plants that can help you sleep here and share the knowledge amongst others who are going through the same problems as you.

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