The Most Luxurious Car in the World? 10 Awesome Features to Consider

The average entry-level luxury vehicle comes with a price tag of around $40,000.

That entry-level price doesn’t include mid-size and SUV models. Want to own a luxury car without the large price tag? Add some luxury features to your current car and soon you’ll be riding in style.

Read below to discover ten features of the most luxurious cars in the world.

  1. Pop-Up Speakers

For decades the car stereo system is where the average consumer is willing to spend a little extra money. But Audi and Bang & Olufsen have partnered together. Their new technology takes your listening experience to the next level.

The most notable feature is the two moving tweeters located on the dashboard. These directional speaker’s pop-up when in use. They then disappear when you turn off your audio.

The system also includes up to 23 loudspeakers. The advanced models come with Acoustic Lens Technology and ICEpower technology. Audi claims they provide the “best acoustic experience ever created for the car.”

You can expect to pay an extra $7,000 for the complete system.

  1. Retractable Gear Knob

Get inside a Jaguar XJL and you may become confused about how to put the car into gear. These high-end luxury cars come with a retractable gear knob.

When you turn the vehicle on, the knob rises up to greet you. When you’re finished driving, the gear drops out of sight.

This luxury feature comes with a price, Jaguar XJLs start off around $80,000.

  1. Infotainment Packages

In this digital age, entertainment is finding its way inside high-end car brands. Bently offers infotainment packages for their luxury vehicles.

This package includes the following:

  • Two iPads or Android tablets
  • A 12-inch drop down screen
  • Two in-headset display screens

Vehicles can also include wifi hotspots. All these cars have in-car access to the Bently network and app and a smart remote.

This $32,000 system ensures that you and your guests will never be out of touch with the digital world. The infotainment package also includes 15 GB of space for your music collection.

  1. Transponder Watch

Key fobs are a thing of the past. If you drive an Aston Martin D89 or Rapide, you can control your car through a watch.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre transponder watch first launched in 2006. This high-end luxury watch can lock and unlock your car doors. The true luxury comes with the fact that this watch is only available when you buy an Aston Martin D89 or Rapide.

The transponder watch is a $30,000 add-on to your $200,000 top-end car.

  1. Import Services

An unseen luxury associated with high-end cars is the import service.

High-end car brands boasting these luxuries aren’t available at your local car dealership. To ensure you drive in style, you need to search for the limited edition car of your dreams.

An import service does all the hard work for you. Companies will find the exact car you’re looking for and bring it straight to your door. This service is hassle-free and provides guaranteed quality.

  1. Air Freshener System

Say goodbye to the old car air fresheners and hello to perfume dispensers. Mercedes Benz and BMW have introduced a new fragrance system to the car world.

These scents come in luxurious glass vials and last for up to a year. You can choose scents designed and customized for your vehicle or create your own.

The fragrance system is electronic and controlled by you. You are able to set the air freshener’s strength and schedule depending on your wants and needs.

  1. Starlight Roof

Rolls Royce allows their customers to have a romantic night sky inside their vehicle.

These customized inner-roof liners feature fiber optic lights. The lights recreate a night sky inside your vehicle. For an extra fee, you can have a particular night’s sky duplicated. Nothing says love like being able to relive your anniversary night through the stars.

Need an excuse to drive a luxurious car with this feature? Read here about ten occasions that warrant using luxury transportation.

  1. Leather Air Vents

Nothing says luxury like leather. But some high-end car brands are taking luxury to the next level with leather air vents.

Porsche’s leather vents ensure that all the air inside your car smells like leather. Not only are the air vents made of leather, but so is the trim around your vents.

The price for this piece of luxury will cost you an extra $2,500. Not bad considering the price of the car.

  1. Motorized Cup Holders

Ever wish your cup holder would disappear when you’re not using it? You’re in luck. Cadillac’s CTS comes equipped with motorized cup holders.

When you’re not using the cup holder, a leather cover will motorize and move to cover it up. Need to set down your drink, touch the handle and the electronic cover moves away.

Your guests will never see a dirty cup holder unless it’s holding their drink. You also won’t have to try to move the cup holder cover on your own while driving down the road.

  1. Auto Lane Keeping

While a safe and reliable self-driving car isn’t created yet, you can still feel like you’re in the future.

Auto lane keeping is a feature that helps you stay in your lane while you drive. The Mercedes Benz has mastered this technology.

If you start to drift out of your lane, your car will alert you with a sound, light, or vibration. If you don’t return to your lane, your car will steer you back into the center of the lane. If you disagree with your car, you can pull on the wheel to disengage this feature.

The Most Luxurious Car

You don’t need to spend over $200,000 to feel like you’re driving the most luxurious car in the world. By adding a few of these features you can make your friends green with envy and enjoy a luxurious ride.

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