Top 15 Best Transport and Logistics Companies in India

Transport and Logistics Companies in India consist of so much more than the functions of warehousing, shipping, freight via air, road or rail etc. Generation of employment of over 20 million people is the major impact of the logistics business in India. Transport Companies are coming up with innovations that are said to exceed 210 billion dollars by 2022.

India is slowly moving to the top with its combo of e-commerce and logistics in India, making it an unstoppable contender in the global market.  The 15 best logistics companies in India own the majority of market share, storage and warehousing.

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Let’s Take a Look at the Top 15 Transport & Logistics Companies in India of 2018

  1. Agarwal Packers and Movers

Agarwal Packers and Movers

Agarwal Packers and Movers started off as a small-scale business in 1987 and is currently the one of the best logistics companies in 2018. Also winning the title of one of the largest logistics companies with its 102 branches spread out in 1264 locations all over India.

Efficient logistic services and respect for customers is what can be expected from this top contender among logistics companies. From being a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM, USA) to branching out Home storage, Aviation logistics, Moving and packing internationally, Warehousing, 3PL etc., it has rightly earned its place in the top logistics companies in India.

Major achievements also include the launch of the very first portable home (2001), close body truck (1995) and cube (2014) in India also make it the top car shipping companies.


  1. Blue Dart

Blue Dart

This is ranked 2 on list of logistics companies in India because of its express services that have gained the trust of not just India but the whole of South-east Asia.  Blue dart was started in 1994 and went on to become one of the first logistics companies that had international services for air packages.

Blue Dart has won innumerable awards, has 85+ warehouses and delivers goods in perfect condition to over 35000 locations.  The superior quality packaging used by them withstands dust, damage and moisture; making it the best logistics companies in Chennai.


  1. First Flight

First Flight Couriers

Coming on top of the logistics companies in Mumbai is First flight, who had its beginning in 1986. This homegrown company has now one of the most extensive networks in India.  This logistics company is also the leading logistics partner for ecommerce in India.

A variety of logistic services, timely delivery of goods, efficiency and speed of delivery are the factors that have made First flight emerge as a global player. The 30-year mark that they hit is proof of the excellence of their service both in India and internationally.


  1. DHL

DHL Logistics

This top logistics company has shown its powerful presence in over 200 countries all over the globe. With first class services like international delivery, distributions, ecommerce logistics, warehousing and express delivery; DHL has been providing excellence since 1969.

Their employee base of 2,85,000 is enough to ensure India and the rest of the countries that customer satisfaction is their biggest priority. DHL also wins the title of the best logistics companies in India for ecommerce because of its major tie up with popular e commerce websites.

  1. TNT Express Shipping

TNT Express Shipping

TNT Express is the top logistics companies in Bangalore with its expertise in delivering legal documents, heavy machineries and even medical supplies. Established in Bangalore in 1994, their flawless record in shipments is what makes it one of the top logistics companies.

Premium express delivery, air/train cargo, e-commerce solutions, domestic/ international courier services, supply chain solutions etc. are some of the excellent services provided by them in the Middle East, Asia pacific region, Europe, Africa and The Americas.

Their employee base of 58,000 and top notch technology ensures that each customer gets services that are personal, efficient and top quality in every way.

  1. DTDC

DTDC top logistics company

This ‘National Award for Exemplary Position’ winning logistics company is at the top of its game in door to door delivery. Having an employee base of over 22000 has ensured that both domestic and international courier services are executed flawlessly.

DTDC was started in 1990 and since then has shown remarkable growth in services like e-commerce solutions, reverse logistics, premium express delivery, priority courier, supply chain solutions etc.


  1. All Cargo Logistics Ltd.

All Cargo Logistics Ltd.

This logistics company began in 1983 and is one of the top logistics companies for all the right reasons. Contract logistics, project engineering solutions, coastal shipping, NVOCC, Inland container depot etc. are the services that have made it the leading transporters in India.

The brainchild of Shashi Kiran Shetty All cargo Logistics is set to turn into a global leader with a turnover of 2 billion dollars by 2020.


  1. Transport Corporation of India Ltd.

Transport Corporation of India

Started in 1958, this logistics company is currently one of the top transport companies in India with a fleet of vehicles that can be customized. Transport Corporation of India Ltd. has over 1400 offices all over the world, unbelievable warehouse space and an employee base of 5000+.

The 50 awards that they’ve collected in the last 2 years along with the 150,000 loyal customer base goes to prove that customer satisfaction and excellent services are their priority.

Having the transport logistics pat down, this logistics company is on the top of its game.


  1. GATI

GATI Logistics

This logistics company has 29 years of excellent service and customer satisfaction backing their service. With their extensive networks spread across 672 districts and 190k pin codes, Gati is far from any of the new logistics companies in India. Gati began in 1989 and currently is a pioneer in supply chain solutions and express distribution in SAARC and Asia pacific regions.

It’s multimodal network of rail, road and air as well as customizable solutions make it a top contender on this logistics company list.

  1. FedEx

FedEx Best Logistic Companies

If you are looking for logistic companies in Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere in India FedEx is the first one that pops up. Established in 1973, their exceptionally fast and efficient services is the reason for its popularity.

This logistics company is spread out in over 200 countries and has a record of carrying out 2.6 billion shipments in just one day. With an employee base of 300K, they provide services to any and every continent on the map.

  1. UPS

UPS Cargo and Courier Service

One of the most innovative shipping companies in the world, UPS has a long history of impeccable service and customer satisfaction since its inception in 1907. They provide special shipping services according to the size of the business (individual, small and medium to large) as well as reliable heath care shipping.

Their flawless flow of funds, information and goods makes it trustworthy and reliable all over the world.

  1. Container Corporation of India Ltd.

Container Corporation of India Ltd.

This logistics company was created in 1988 and their service is spread across India to 79 Inland Container depots. Cost effective, reliable and efficient logistic solutions make Container Corporation of India Ltd. the first choice of customers.

Door to door domestic and international services make them one of the best road transport companies in India. The service CONCOR provides focuses on promoting containerization and making sure their customers get value for their investments.


  1. Aegis Logistics Ltd.

Aegis Logistics Ltd.

Aegis Logistics was established in 1956 and their aim of being the leader in gas, chemical and oil transporting has been fulfilled completely. Their focus on high safety, environmental and quality standards set them apart from other logistic companies.

Their long list of credentials including ‘A1+’ and ‘AA’, ‘Rating 1’ by Care is all due to the excellent service they provide to both the local and global network.

  1. Safexpress

Safexpress Logistics Solutions

Safexpress was created in 1997, this logistics company is fully committed to its first-class unique services provided world wise. Campus2Home is a unique service that helps graduating students looking to move their baggage to their next destination.

Their brand name and growth can be accredited to their payment upon booking option, online tracking, speedy delivery and efficient service.  Also their tie up with popular e-commerce websites makes it one of the best listed logistics companies in India.

  1. Eastern Cargo Carrier Pvt. Ltd.

Eastern Cargo Carrier Pvt. Ltd.

This logistics company is among the top Indian IATA freight forwarders. Eastern Cargo Carrier Pvt. Ltd. began in 1979 and specializes in the safe and timely delivery of urgent or perishable goods. From diamonds to leather goods to electronic items to pharmaceuticals; this company is a star among logistics companies. The unique services they provide include transportation of deceased (pets as well) with the respect and humanity that they deserve.

Other Logistics & Transport Companies in India

  • Indian Railways
  • VRL Logistics
  • Navkar Corporation Ltd.
  • Sical Logistics Ltd.
  • Snowman Logistics Ltd.
  • Tiger Logistics India Ltd.
  • Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd.
  • Chartered Logistics Ltd.
  • Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd.
  • TAAL Enterprises Ltd.
  • ABC India Ltd.
  • Eastern Cargo Carriers (Pvt) Ltd.
  • North Eastern Carrying Corporation Ltd.

Wrapping up

The development of rural India, boom in e-commerce and encouraging Indian services and products have lead international companies to invest and set up their base in India.  Also, the customizability, professional employees and cost-effective services that are provided by Indian logistic companies make them unique. It has almost become a trend for IT professionals to start their own logistics companies after seeing the potential in this field.

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