Leather Vs. Textile MC Riding Jackets

There’s a lot of debate over whether leather jackets or textile jackets are superior for motorcycle riding. Leather jackets have motorcycle tradition on their side, and they have an air of untouchable cool.

However, textile motocross jackets are gaining popularity and they often incorporate exciting innovations like ventilation and armored plates.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks to these two materials.

Textile Jackets

Textiles offer some great options for moto jackets and vests. Modern innovations have created materials and special coatings so these jackets can stand up to wear and tear.

Denier ratings let you know how strong the threads of the textile are, which indicates how durable it is overall.

Textile jackets can be much lighter and more breathable than leather, which is great for high temperatures and intense riding.

They are easy to wash, which makes them useful for frequent riders. But despite extra durability, these materials are not as resistant to abrasion as leather in case of a crash.

Leather Riding Jackets

Part of the appeal of motorcycle riding is the thrill factor, and there’s nothing like a thick leather jacket to hold up against scrapes from asphalt or rough riding.

Many jackets will list their thickness in millimeters so you can choose one that fits your protection needs. Plus, wearing a leather jacket with knee guards motorcycle safety gear is a distinctive, stylish look that’s hard to beat.

Double-stitched jackets hold together better through wear and tear, while the cheapest jackets may be glued together.

A good leather jacket is worth repairing, while a textile jacket often costs more to repair than it’s worth. Quality leather is durable and can take a tumble without tearing, so go for the best jacket you can afford.

Why Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are not only durable against the gushing wind and the asphalt but are also a fashion statement in themselves.

A leather jacket paired with a slim fitting bottom and a Rayban glasses make you the ultimate attraction in any gathering!

Popular celebrities have been hell-bent on leather jackets; sporting them on the grandest of stages. Look at Rob Halford, the lead vocalist for heavy metal band Judas Priest. The man started the culture of leather jackets and high heels in the late 70s, which crossed over to other genres of music.

So, a leather jacket is about attitude, it is about having a macho man personality, but above all, it is about having a unique identity.

Why Textile Jackets

Perhaps, not as rugged or rebellious as leather, textile jackets have become the calling card for people who cover long distances on their two-wheelers.

Contemporary textile jackets are strong and resistant to strong winds. When purchasing a textile jacket, look for the denier rating. The higher the denier rating, the heavier the strands of the fabric.

You may not know but textile jackets require bare minimum maintenance. Just wash and wear them, as opposed to leather, which needs frequent care to prevent them from drying out.

Our Verdict

If you are a purist at heart, you should go for a leather jacket. Their robust and thick construction offers excellent resistance against wind and debris. It is a one-time investment that will reap you rewards for seasons to come.

However, if you want to combine the best of both worlds i.e. style and practicality at an affordable price point, you should opt for textile jackets. They might not be as rugged as a leather jacket but their selling points are comfort and ease of use.

Whether it is hot or cold out there, you can always sport a textile jacket and count on them to do the job for you.

In a nutshell, both textile and leather can make great riding jackets, and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Whatever you choose, do your research before investing in a jacket.

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