Top 10 Kitchen Upgrades Worth the Investment

For most people, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where you entertain, eat and feed those you love.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you deserve to do a little remodeling. A few quick and inexpensive kitchen upgrades can make your kitchen that much more efficient.

Kitchen Upgrades You Need Right Now

When you hear “upgrade” and “remodel” you’re probably thinking about how much money it will cost. The good news is it doesn’t have to be like that.

There are a couple of simple upgrades you can do on your own that your whole family will enjoy.

The average kitchen remodels costs anywhere between $12,700 to $33,200. Here are some DIY upgrades you can do for less than $100 to get you started, and when you have the money, we also have what you should invest in.

  1. Think of Your Sink

You use your kitchen sink more than you realize, and chances are it shows. Give your chrome sink a makeover with a little sandpaper and a can of spray paint.

If this seems too overwhelming you also can find a stylish new faucet that you can install yourself. A new faucet is a great way to change the look and functionality of your sink.

  1. New Light

Lighting is everything in your kitchen. Getting a decorative light fixture upgrade to your kitchen will improve the look for your kitchen. You can get a light kit from about $30 to $90.

You also can add a statement floor lamp (if you have space) or install $8 battery powered LED lights inside or under your cabinets.

  1. Paint the Cabinets

Speaking of those cabinets, are they looking a little shabby? All you need is a coat or two of paint or stain and they’ll look as good as new! You can refinish all your kitchen cabinets with a kit for about $75.

You also can focus on the doors, trim, or shelves to cut costs. For the best results all you need to do is clean the surface, fill in nicks or holes with wood putty, sand the surface between paint or stain layers, and allow plenty of time for the paint to dry.

  1. Turn Your Fridge into a Chalkboard

You’re likely already covering your fridge with notes. Make reminders fun by turning your fridge into a chalkboard!

Just apply some painters tape to outline the shape of a chalkboard. Next, apply a few thin layers of magnetic primer ($20), followed by chalkboard paint ($10). Once it dries, your family will love your fridge’s new functional doors!

  1. Create a Colorful Backsplash

Your kitchen can use a little pop of color. This splash will draw in the eyes and add a little excitement to the kitchen.

You can create a DIY backsplash for just $25 a square foot or do a stainless-steel backsplash for $36 a square foot if you’re feeling fancy. You also can go for tile, stick on metal or chalkboard paint, it’s up to you!

  1. Replace Outlet Wall Plates

Outlets can be an eyesore, but you can fix that. Simply replace your outlet wall plates with new fun colorful, textured or decorative ones. They come in chrome, bronze, and steampunk, just to name a few.

You also can decorate your current ones with some paint, paper or decoupage to save some more money.

  1. Change Hardware

Hardware goes a long way. Changing it up can make a huge impact on your kitchen’s appearance and style.

All you need is new hardware, tools and a touch of time and you can add a lot of personality and style to your kitchen. FYI, the average kitchen has about 40 drawer pulls or knobs, so make sure you have enough hardware.

If you want something more vintage, decorative, and colorful, look into local estate sales or second-hand stores.

  1. Expand Storage & Clear Clutter

Make your kitchen your own and maximize its space at the same time by adding a shelf or shelves to your empty wall. This new space can be your place for pantry items, cookbooks, pots or pans.

While you’re at it, spend some time clearing the clutter from your kitchen. Toss or donate any unwanted food, utensils or applicants you no longer use. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.

  1. Dress Up Decor

Updating your kitchen decor can also be cost-efficient. Replace worn rugs, bland curtains with a new floor runner, fun curtains and eye-popping artwork. It’s time to let your style shine!

  1. Update Your Appliances

If you have the money, invest it in appliances. Try to be practical and look for energy efficient appliances with warranties to get the most bang for your buck.

Make sure your new appliances fit and go with other features in your kitchen. Also, be careful which appliances you splurge on. A refrigerator may need to be replaced every 15 years or even sooner, but a cooktop will last longer. It makes more sense to invest in a cooktop over a fridge.

If you’re able to invest, you also might want to consider getting a new kitchen worktop, in which case, check out worktops direct.

If you’re considering one day selling your home, try to go for stainless steel appliances, which is the most popular choice and what buyers look for in a home.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Today!

Now that you see how cost efficient it is to update your kitchen, what are you waiting for? Make these kitchen upgrades today!

Simple and cheap upgrades like an extra shelf, lighting, repainted cabinets, and a clear countertop can make a difference. If you have the money, invest in new appliances or a new kitchen counter.

For more household tips and tricks, check out our blog!

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