Is it Safe to Use Human Shampoo on Dogs?

Do you have a dog at your home? If you’ve one I hope you are keenly interested in its welfare. Concerns about dog hygiene might raise some questions in your mind. What can I use to wash my dog, if I don’t have dog shampoo? Is human shampoo safe for dogs? If you’ve such questions, no need to worry. I’ve the satisfying answers for you.

Dogs are well known for their loyal behavior. It is not unusual to listen to dog stories and their close attachment with humans.

If voting is done for the common friend of all humans, I think dogs will get the first rank. Before we go to the crux of the matter let us try to know some facts about dog hygiene.

Facts about Dog and Dog Hygiene

  • Dogs and human have many similarities especially related to health. Each year on an average 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer.
  • Dogs can smell our disease with great success. Research shows that dogs can even predict an epileptic seizure about 45 minutes before its initial start.
  • As reported by the American Psychological Association some breeds of Border collies understand up to 200 human words.
  • Soak dog toys in water and vinegar solution for 30 minutes at least once in a month.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, car wash service providers are offering free dog shampoos to beat their rivals.

Is it Safe to Use Human Shampoo on Dogs

What Can I Use to Wash my Dog?

Your dog may be playing all around in your house. It can be said that your dog spends a considerable amount of time with germs and is vulnerable to infections.

Based on the dog breed and how frequent your dog smells it is expected that you wash him every 6 weeks.

It will be beneficial for your dog if you avoid using shampoos which contain artificial perfumes. Your dog might be allergic to certain chemical fragrances which can cause nausea, headache. If this is the case with your dog, try using the dog shampoo which contains organic fragrances.

Is it OK to Bath a Dog with Human Shampoo?

There are times when your dog needs to be bathed and you’ve run out of dog shampoo. In such a situation, you can use human shampoos on dogs, but that too in a very small quantity.

Keep in mind not to make it a habit to use human shampoo on your dog. Doing this on a regular basis can lose the shine on dog’s skin and can cause other health problems.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo on my Dog?

Like human shampoos using baby shampoo for your dog should be considered as the last option.

Some of us would say that if this shampoo is safe for my baby then, it is surely safe and gentle for my dog. But that’s not right. Many baby shampoos contain Mineral oil which is a by-product of petroleum.

It is seen that the regular use of shampoos with mineral oil can invite health issues among dogs and babies as well.

Dog Shampoo Alternatives

  • Make a stocking of dry oats. Get a bucket of warm water and place this stocking under the running warm water and soak your dog for 10 minutes. This will eliminate the unpleasant odors and will also help to relieve the itching.
  • Baking soda is one of the best substitutes. To give your canine a dry bath, take some baking soda and sprinkle it on your dog’s skin. Take a smooth brush to spread it over and remove it.
  • Mix 2 teaspoons of rosemary in 4 cups of water. Keep this mixture in a vessel to boil. As soon as the mixture reaches its boiling point, take it out and keep it aside to cool off. Wash your dog with lukewarm water. Then strain the rosemary and pour this solution of your dog’s skin. This will make your dog’s coat shine and smooth.

Is it Ok to Bath a Dog with Human Shampoo

The market offers dog shampoos that can be used to give your dog a pleasant bath. Nowadays organic shampoos are preferred by dog parents as they go smoothly with the dog skin.

I’ll suggest you consider first the needs of your dog or consult a vet. This will help you to get the right shampoo for your dog.

President of Quadruped Pet Care Mr. Richard Biegan stated, “When it comes to most dog shampoos you get what you pay for. To get your pet clean you may mistakenly think that using economical shampoos will save your money. But the reality is that you may have to use it more or double the amount.”

Dog Shampoo vs Human Shampoo

  • PH Balance: Humans and dogs skin have a difference in ph levels. The normal level of ph for humans is 5.5-5.6 but with dogs, it is 6.2-7.4 which is slightly alkaline.  Human shampoos are more acidic than dog shampoos. Regular use of human shampoo on your dog can make their skin look flaky and rough.
  • Skin Sensitivity: Dog’s skin is more sensitive than human’s. Human skin has 10-15 layers whereas dog skin has only 3-5. Dog shampoos are specially formulated by taking into consideration their skin type. If you’re using a human shampoo for your dog then this might cause itchiness, rashes on it’s skin.
  • Chemical Composition: According to many dog shampoos contain menthol, lavender oil, aloe vera, glycerin lactic acid and other ingredients that are safe for your dog’s skin and also keep flies, insects away from them. Special formulations are developed to reduce their hair loss which is a common problem among pets.

A Friendly Advice

If you are a dog lover and would like to give the best to your pet then I’ll suggest you keep a stock of best dog shampoo at your home. Do not run behind cheap deals as those will not really save you money.

You should look to human shampoo as the last option and that too in a very small amount. A real dog parent is the one who cares for his dog like his own child.

Even though your dog cannot communicate his feelings to you, but I’m sure that if you’ll care for your dog someday he’ll pay it back to you.

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