iPhone X Secrets: 5 Hidden Features You Didn’t Know About

When the iPhone X released in 2017, its demand was described by Apple as “off the charts.” The device sold out its preorders the first day they were made available. Upon release, Apple’s newest phone model was nearly impossible to keep on the shelves.

Retailers were scrambling over Apple’s new phone and related products. From screen protectors and earbuds to unique offerings like personalized cases from CustomEnvy.com, consumers were eager for all things iPhone X.

As time went by and more people got their hands on Apple’s newest device, they started to uncover hidden features on its iOS that had the internet buzzing.

Read on to discover some of these iPhone X secrets.

5 iPhone X Secrets You Want to Know About

Below are just 5 of the many hidden features included in the iPhone X. Have you discovered any of them?

  1. Easily Record Your iPhone Stream

Gone are the days of frustrating phone calls walking your parents and grandparents through the “high-tech mysteries” of the iPhone. You can easily record a video of your screen as you use it.

To activate this feature, simply go to your Settings, select Control Center and go into Custom Controls. From this screen, add Screen Recording.

This will create a button that begins recording your device’s screen after a 3-second countdown. Once you’re done, simply select the red button sitting in the top-left corner of your screen.

The recording is then saved like any other video.

  1. Increase Your Video Quality to 4K

Are you itching for pristine video quality? If so, simply go to your Settings, select Camera, then Record Video. From the selection, you can choose to set your camera to 4K.

You can also decide on your camera’s frame rate. This is perfect for the photo and video junkies or pro streamers.

  1. You Can Create Custom Animoji Stickers

Tired of the same old emoji options? Capture the perfect expression in an Animoji sticker. These aren’t a video clip, but rather posable snapshots of your favorite Animoji

Simply open the Animoji recorder via the App Store icon in your text box, select your favorite emoji, pose, and tap the screen.

Instantly, your Animoji snapshot will show up in your text window.

  1. Invert Your Color Display for a New View and Better Battery Life

The iPhone X has a special “dark mode” that inverts black and white. Not only is this a nice change of pace from its trademark light display but it also can improve your battery life.

To do this, go to your Settings, then General, and select Accessibility. Under this section is an option called Accessibility Shortcut. Select it, then choose Smart Invert Colors.

  1. Quickly Toggle Out of the Face ID Security Option

Need to switch off your Face ID feature quickly? Not a problem! You can toggle out of this feature by tapping the power button 5 times in a row. This switches your phone to requiring your passcode.

But be aware, this feature only remains off until you enter the passcode. If you want to completely disable your Face ID, you’ll need to disable it in your settings.

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