Injured? Here Are 8 Good Reasons Why You Should Look into Getting an Injury Lawyer

Were you recently injured in a car crash? Are you unsure about how you are going to take care of your injuries? Are you scared about losing your job because you can’t work?

Or, maybe you’re simply concerned about the damage to your vehicle?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time you hire a personal injury lawyer.

Many people think that hiring a personal injury lawyer after an accident is a waste of money.

However, quite the contrary.

The right personal injury lawyer can actually help save you a lot of money. If you’re not totally sold, read on to learn eight reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

  1. Handle the Insurance Company

For many people, dealing with the insurance company is the biggest pain of being in an accident.

Luckily, when you hire a personal injury attorney, they completely take care of all negotiations with the insurance company. After an accident, the insurance company of the person who hit you will reach out to you. They will call and offer you a settlement. This settlement is almost always much lower than you deserve.

Due to the fact that insurance companies are out to make money, they will use skillful negotiation tactics to try and get you to agree to the lowest price. If you don’t have experience negotiating in these situations, you are likely going to lose the battle.

Personal injury lawyers, on the other hand, are extremely well-versed in negotiating with insurance companies. They will make it their number one priority to make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you.

  1. Filing a Lawsuit

If the insurance company will not budge on their settlement offer, then the next step is to file a lawsuit.

Typically, the threat to file a lawsuit is enough to make their insurance company open up the negotiating table again. But, the threat to file a lawsuit is a lot stronger if it comes from a skilled attorney.

If the threat to file a lawsuit comes from you, they likely won’t take it as seriously. And, if they do agree to the lawsuit, having an attorney by your side means you will have someone to represent you in court.

  1. Proving Liability

You know with 100 percent certainty that the accident was the fault of the other driver. However, this is harder to prove than you think.

More often than not, the other driver will try to pin the blame on you. Without a skilled attorney at your side, you will likely find yourself floundering in this situation.

A personal injury lawyer will know how to use the physical evidence in order to prove liability.

And, they will be able to articulate this evidence in a courtroom, so there’s no question who’s at fault.

Some of the evidence your lawyer will gather includes:

  • Statements from your medical doctor about your injuries
  • Statements from witnesses who were at the scene of the crime
  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Accident reconstruction

Do you really want to gather all of this evidence on your own?

A personal injury lawyer can gather this evidence quickly, and they’ll know just how to use it to argue your case.

  1.  Determining the Precise Value of Your Injury

Determining the precise value of your injury is necessary in order to receive the correct compensation.

However, determining the value can be very difficult.

In order to do this, you must look at:

  • Medical expenses, both past and future
  • Lost wages, both past and future
  • Property damage
  • Emotional damage

Figuring out the numbers for each of these can be very difficult to do on your own. Personal injury lawyers, on the other hand, will know exactly how to crunch the numbers so you can get the highest compensation possible.

  1. Access to Experts

If your case ends up going to court, expert testimony can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Hire a personal injury lawyer, and you’ll get access to a number of technical witnesses who can help you win your case. These include chiropractors, forensic specialists, auto body specialists, and more.

  1. Prove Long-Term Disability or Permanent Disability

It is not always the case, but some car accidents result in long-term disability or permanent disability.

Long-term disability generally refers to an injury that lasts for a year or more. Permanent disability refers to an injury that lasts one’s entire life. Proving these types of disability can be extremely difficult. Therefore, having an injury lawyer at your side is very important.

Oftentimes, it takes the testimony of medical experts in order to prove long or permanent disability. Your lawyer will know what experts to contact to help your case.

  1. Delayed Injuries

Sometimes, injuries from a car accident do not manifest immediately.

It can take days, weeks, or even months for someone to feel an injury. If you don’t feel injured right away, and the damage to your car is very minimal, you may feel tempted to forgo hiring a personal injury attorney.

However, this usually isn’t a good idea. Injuries may manifest later on, and it is at this time that you will need a good lawyer by your side.

Retaining a lawyer immediately following the accident is the best way to ensure all of your losses will be covered.

  1. Alleviate Stress

Last but not least, hiring a personal injury lawyer can alleviate a lot of stress.

After an accident, your health should be your number one priority. You should be focusing on healing your body, not gathering the right papers for court.

When you hire a lawyer, you take the stress out of dealing with a case all on your own. And, you can rest easy knowing your case is in good hands and that you will likely get the compensation you deserve.

Plus, many lawyers don’t charge you fees unless they win.

Are You Ready to Hire an Injury Lawyer?

Now that you know all the reasons you should hire a lawyer, all you need to do is choose the right one for your case.

For help choosing the right lawyer check out this blog post. Otherwise, be sure to check in with our site for more life tips!

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  • June 29, 2021 at 4:40 am

    If I got into a serious accident, I would make sure to hire an auto accident lawyer because this type of professional will help me gain the necessary documents. Well, I also agree with you that the lawyers are keen on negotiations. We’ll keep in mind to hire a skilled attorney too.

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    My cousin’s car got into a serious accident due to a truck, and that is why she has decided to start looking for the best car accident lawyer. Well, you made a pretty good point that it would be best to ask a certain lawyer regarding his/her worker’s compensation. Thank you for sharing here as well that the accident scene must be photographed too.


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