How to Wear a Hat: Top Styling Tips

There are lots of reasons people wear hats because they’re so versatile. Almost any type of hat can be worn all year round, with the exception of rain hats that are typically reserved for wet weather. But, to each his own – if you want to wear a rain hat when it’s sunny, that’s fine too.

Vacations are a great time to wear a hat and even better time to become a hat collector because you can keep it as a souvenir that you can use. But how do you know what type of hat to choose?

First, you have to decide what you like. The rest is history. Wear a hat confidently and you’ll not only feel great but look great, too.

If you’re interested in style tips to learn how to wear a hat comfortably and stylishly, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re discussing several different types of hats for men and women and how to wear them. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Wear a Hat: Style Tips and Tricks

  1. The Baseball Cap

The baseball hat or cap has been around for a long time. It was, of course, traditionally worn on the baseball field to shield the sun from player’s eyes. But over time it has become a staple accessory item for both men and women.

You can find a baseball cap sized to fit or clasped at the back with Velcro to wear loose or tight as you prefer. For men, it’s a quick accessory that can save a shower on a busy Saturday morning and women like baseball hats for a casual look.

  1. Panama Hats

Panama hats can be found in various materials and brim sizes, but the traditional Panama hat is woven tightly with straw. If you want the traditional look, opt for a black band around the base of the rim.

You can wear a Panama hat in the spring, ladies, paired with any lightweight outfit to add a touch of masculinity to your style. Gentlemen look great in a Panama hat anytime.

  1. Stetson

If cowboy or cowgirl is your style then a Stetson is a must in your repertoire. A proper Stetson is a blend of furs from both rabbit and beaver. You can also find Buffalo hats.

A Stetson pairs well with any western attire. Men that boast a confident image can always get away with this style. Some women pair Stetsons with a boho look.

  1. Beanies

There’s nothing better to keep warm on a cold winter day than a beanie cap. These hats are made from all different types of cloth from flannel to cotton. And, you can find knitted beanies or have your grandma or neighbor make you one.

Beanies go well with casual wear but the right beanie will fit well with any professional outfit or otherwise special occasion.


There are a few different hats that are more suitable for men and thus get a special spot on our list. Luke hats, in particular are especially fitting for men. Here are a few others we like.

  • The Trilby

The Trilby is a popular, casual, everyday hat for men that can be thought of as simple, without making too much of a statement. Look for fur felt instead of wool for better temperature control and rain resistance. They’ll also hold a better shape.

Most men wear a shade of brown as their primary hat, reserving colors like navy blue or gray for formal events. Black is thought of as dark and imposing.

  • The Bucket Hat

Ladies can probably get away with this hat too but we’ll reserve this for the fellas. The bucket hat is informal and many guys like this hat for their usual wear. It’s a popular hat that never goes out of style, no matter how old you are.

  • Flat Caps

A traditional tweed cap goes great with your sweatsuit or your formal coat. Throw a flat cap on you’re ready to go anywhere you need to be.

Be careful to try one on and make sure it fits well before you buy it. A good flat cap is made of wool and will tend to shrink. Don’t buy it if it’s too tight!


It’s always fun to accessorize with your favorite pair of shoes, so why not add a hat into the mix? Choose bright colors for summer or to add some pizzaz to your winter wardrobe. With all the different styles available you’re sure to find something that you like.

For women, various hats go well with specific occasions.

  • Brimmed Hats

There are a variety of brimmed hats and often times women find men’s styles that they like. But a nice straw sun hat with a wide flowing brim is perfect for Saturday afternoon, no matter the occasion.

Find differently sized brims that you’re comfortable wearing and get creative with your wardrobe.

  • Berets

Berets are thought of as classy and elegant to pair with a suit and pumps but you can wear them any way you want. Try wearing one with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Think of it as the perfect accessory.

  • Dress Hats

If your sole purpose is style, look for a few different blends of fabric and design. Women, you can pull off wearing more hat styles than you think. Try on your favorite and wear it like you mean it.

Wear a Hat

When in doubt, it’s really that simple. Just wear a hat. It’s a great way to complement your outfit or a bad hair day.

Hats are in style any time of the year. All you have to do is find one or two, or ten that fit your wardrobe. Make sure you have a favorite that can be your go-to hat when you feel like you have nothing else to wear.

No matter your preference or facial structure, there’s a hat that’s right for you. Make a statement when you wear a hat and show off your personality. If it’s comfortable then you know you’ve found the right one.

At the end of the day, wearing a hat is more than a style accessory. It’s a good way to keep the sun out of your eyes, too!

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