How to Tell if Your Husband is Lying to You

Lies in a marriage; be it from the husband or the wife, tears a family apart. A woman never deserves a lying husband. But, what do you do when your husband lies to you?

When you think about it, if you’ve even slight doubt about your husband’s faithfulness, chances are that you’re right. Infidelity mounts stress on a relationship and before you know it, everything that you’ve worked for all your life will be over in a second.

Having said that, noticing infidelity signs from your better half is crucial. However, it’s important to know why you have a lying spouse. There might be several reasons as to why your husband lies and hides things.

As cruel as this may sound, you’ll have to ponder on certain possibilities. There isn’t much benefit in finding a shoulder to cry on with you wailing, all teary and feeble, saying ‘my husband cheated on me’.

The good news is that asking a few questions can help you attain knowledge as to why infidelity in marriage exists. You need to know why your husband has cheated. You need to know why men are unfaithful, and if their actions have anything to do with their friend circle. However, the following are the main reasons that’ll clear the air around why do men cheat and lie.

  • The increase in testosterone. It’s simple: the more power, fame, success, and money a man attains, more will be the amount of testosterone surging through his body. And more the amount of testosterone, the more likely he is to cheat.
  • Men cheat because they’re undervalued and underappreciated at home.
  • Nature has moulded men in such a way that their biology focuses on virility.
  • Scientists have also connected signs of infidelity to a certain gene in their DNAs.
  • Emotional or physical detachment, or both, with partners at home.

Can you relate with a few pointers mentioned above? If yes, then there’s a possibility that you’re soon to be involved in a marriage with a liar, or already have. The sad bit about identifying lying husband signs is that, you cannot brand him as a cheater just because you smell something fishy, or your conscience overpowers your reason.

As your man’s wife and the woman of the house, it’s your responsibility to save your marriage. You’ll have to identify signs of lying spouse that shriek infidelity, and finally confront him when you’re sure.

Here are a few ways that’ll help you recognize signs of a cheater.

Cheater Alert: Here’s What You Will Learn About Identifying When Your Spouse Lies

  • Clues that’ll help you know when your husband lies, and how to catch a cheater.

How to Tell if Your Husband is Lying to you

  1. First Thing’s First—Focus On His Physical Stance

You’ll be able to notice signs of lying spouse by focusing on his posture. Men have natural postures, and so do women. When a man is relaxed, he’ll tend to sit back and relax. Some of the notable postures of your man being relaxed when you put a question across will be him sitting back, arms on hand rest, cross-legged.

However, these relaxed postures will change when you question him about certain points that’ll put his manhood and loyalty under the scanner. If he’s truthful, you’ll know right away from his relaxed posture. But, if he twitches, changes his posture now and again, looks frantic, you can bet that he’s hiding the fact, lying, or trying to dodge your question.

Your questions will trigger his nervous system to react differently when put under pressure. If he’s truthful, he’ll remain as he is normally, if not, you can be sure that he’s lying.

  1. Keep Your Ears Up For Changes In Speech Pattern

To catch a cheater you’ll have to pay attention to their speech patterns. Liars and dishonest individuals when put under intense pressure alter their way of talking.

Simply put, you’ll notice your man speaking faster than usual. This indicates that he’s nervous and probably lying. Another observation will be his rate of speech. He may start speaking slowly as if he’s trying very hard on what comes out of his mouth—liars do this very often.

An indicator that highlights his dishonesty will be his voice’s rise in pitch. If you notice him raising his voice that exceeds his normal pitch, you can be sure that he’s trying to bury the truth.

  1. Putting The Blame On You

If your husband lies to avoid conflict by counter-questioning or blaming you, understand that he’s untruthful.

This is in reality a psychological method undertaken by the perpetrator that can make an innocent believe he or she is the one at fault in reality. Before you know it, you can find yourself questioning your own sanity and innocence, or feel how you, the victim, have suddenly become the accused.

“How can you even think about me like that?” and “I think you’re the one who’s lying”, or “You should see a doctor or psychologist” or something along such lines are flags that you’ll have to look out for to unearth your man’s unfaithfulness and his attempts to corner you.

  1. Enveloping His Eyes And Body

When your husband cheats, and you notice that he’s trying to avoid eye contact or move away instead of answering your questions, latch on to the fact that he’s lying to you.

Does he try to hide behind an object while answering? Does he wear a hood or a cap, or looks away instead of looking you in the eyes? Or does he twist his body in such a manner that he’s facing you but the rest of his body isn’t? Well, all these signs mean that he’s uncomfortable answering your questions and is lying.

He’s also trying very hard to dodge your questions and appear disinterested so that you drop your doubts. You just have to look at his eyes to know the truth.

There isn’t much comfort in advertising to the world by saying ‘my husband lies to me’. It’ll probably push your husband farther away. Moreover, people might start blaming your for his indiscretions. Lying to your spouse never bears fruit, even though it’s a white lie.

As a wife, it’s your duty to confront your man and try your best at saving, and healing the bond. If your efforts don’t put him on the right track, know that you tried your best, and that you’re much stronger than him.

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