How to Stay Cool in Summers Minus an Air Conditioner

Go green this summer by keeping the house cool without ac and save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills. Staying cool in summer without an air conditioner is actually possible when you know how to do it right. Let us take a look at a few room cooling techniques without resorting to an air conditioner.

Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat Without an Air Conditioner

  1. Close the Blinds

Even though this might sound quite obvious, almost 30% of heat in your home finds its’ way in through the open windows. Utilizing blinds, shades and drapes can greatly help in keeping your house cool in the summers.

When you want a cool room without ac, the first thing you have to do is keep the sun from entering. This is especially true of rooms with south or west facing windows.

It goes without saying that you need to open all the windows during night time to let the cool night air in. Installing heat reflecting film on sun facing windows can help to make the room cool without an air-conditioner.

  1. Make Your Ceiling Fans Rotate Counter Clockwise

This essential life hack works great to keep room cool without air conditioner.

The ceiling fan in your room needs seasonal adjustments. When summer is about to hit, you need to set the fan to rotate counter clockwise in the highest speed.

This would result in a chill breeze effect which would definitely make the room cool without turning on the air-conditioner.

  1. Focus on Your Body Temperature

Remember that when our forefathers survived without air-conditioner or even without a fan, there is no reason why we can’t.

So keep drinking lots of water and be wise about the clothes you wear. Application of a cold cloth in areas like wrists and neck helps to keep the body cool.

  1. Turn on the Exhaust Fans in the Bathrooms and Replace the Incandescent Lights

In the hot summer months leave the exhaust fans in your bathroom on all day so as to circulate the air.

The nice yellowish glow of incandescent light can create a nice setting but it also emanates a lot of heat. Switching to cooler and more energy efficient lights would surely help in keeping cool in summer.

  1. Bed Cooling Techniques

Keeping the bed cool is one of the super effective ways to stay cool in the heat. Swapping the sheets from time to time not only helps to freshen up the room but also is the best way to cool a room.

Make use of white flannel sheets since they breathe easy and make the bed stay cool. Investing on buckwheat pillows is also a good idea since they come with air space and doesn’t capture the body heat like regular pillows.

  1. Make Good Use of Your Refrigerator

You don’t need to open the door of your fridge and keep cool by standing in front of it. All you have to do is stow your bed sheet in there. You are going to thank us for this idea when you get to bed on a hot and humid night.

  1. Invest on a Couple of Fans

This is surely one of the best way to cool a room without ac. Ceiling fans, exhaust fans, box fans and whole house fans can greatly help in bringing down the temperature of your house and keep it cool without an air-conditioner.

Another cool technique to get a good nights’ sleep is open your windows and place a ceiling fan in front of it with its face out. This would ensure that the hot air from the room is driven out giving the room a nice cooling effect.

Installing a whole house fan in the attic is also a good way to achieve cool homes.

  1. Create an Ice Fan

Take a large bowl, fill it up with ice cubes and put it in front of a large box fan. It gives a great chilly effect especially if you have a small room.

  1. Try Not Using the Oven

Minimizing the use of heat generating appliances is another effective way of cooling a room. Using the oven or stove in the summer would invariably increase the temperature in your house.

So if you are really keen on grilling you can always do it outside in the evenings.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you know everything about how to stay cool in the heat, its’ time to make a few changes in and around your house to keep it cool for summers to come.

Start with planting shade trees in your yard. A couple of plants in your porch or on the window sill would not just give your home a nice look but also shield it from the scorching sun.

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