Here Is How Scratches Can Disappear From Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture in living rooms of our houses is always at the risk of getting mild or deep scratch marks. You spend a lot of time and energy on cost calculation of the repair works of these scratches.

But before you do that, here is some technical advice on how to do it on your own.


  • Minor wood scratches can be fixed rubbing a bit of a lemon juice or vegetable oil over the area until the scratch mark disappears from your furniture.
  • However, for major wooden scratches where the finish as well as the wood has been damaged, you will need a lot more. In such cases you can fill in the scratch using the pulp of almond or walnut, or colour in the scratch using tea bags, coffee grounds, iodine, wax crayons, an eyebrow pencil, etc.

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Ø  It is very important to clean the wooden surface before you start to repair it.

Ø  Make a solution of mild dishwasher with water.

Ø  Dip a soft cotton cloth in the solution, wiring out the excess waters.

Ø  Gently rub the wooden surface to remove dirt and grease.

Here are Some Tips and Tricks to help you Remove Scratches from Wood Furniture

  1. Olive Oil and Vinegar

Tips and Tricks to help you Remove Scratches from Wood Furniture

Olive oil isn’t just good for your health but is also extremely good for the health of your wooden furniture.

This is the easiest method. Take half cup of vinegar and mix it with the same amount of olive oil.

Now rub this solution of vinegar and oil on to the scratched wooden surface with the help of a soft cotton cloth. The furniture will look brand new, with no signs of marks at all.

  1. Walnut or Almond

This method is the best one for repairing deep scratches on furniture.

Soak a kernel of walnut or an almond for three to four hours in water.

Remove the peel and slightly rub it over the scratched surface of the damaged chair and table.

  1. Peanut Butter

Tip and Tricks to help you Remove Scratches from Wood Furniture

This method is indeed the best beauty treatment for restoring your old wooden furniture.

Take the required amount of peanut butter; rub it on the scratchy surface.

Leave for a couple of hours and clean, the furniture will regain its lost shine and the look.

  1. Eyebrow Pencil

For some tiny winy scratches on your wooden furniture this is the simplest method.

Eyebrow pencils come in all colours. You just need to find the right ones. Find an eyebrow pencil that matches the colour of the surface of your furniture.

Rub it following the direction of the scratches.

  1. Tea Bag

Tips and Tricks to help you Remove Scratches from Wooden Furniture

Before we recommend you this, let us tell you that herbal or green tea is strictly not recommended for this task. Only black tea produces the colour you are looking to match the woods of your furniture.

Take a tea bag and let it soak in half cup of warm water

Dab tea into the scratch with the help of a cotton ball and gently wipe away excess tea using a paper napkin

  1. Lemon and Vegetable Oil

This method is apt for the minor scratches.

Mix equal amount of lemon juice and vegetable oil.

Take a lint cloth and gently rub the solution in the direction of the scratch until it disappears.

  1. Wax Crayon

If you have the right shade of a wax crayon, use that to fill in the scratch.

Wax can easily be removed when required.

  1. Coffee Grounds

Remove Scratches from Wood Furniture

This method works mainly for the dark wooden furniture.

Dip a cotton swab in moist coffee grounds, and then apply it to the scratches in the wood.

Wait for about 15-20 mins and wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

  1. Petroleum Jelly

Rub the petroleum jelly on the scratched surface.

Leave it for 30 minutes and then wipe the excess of cream. Furniture will look beautiful and strengthened as never before.

  1. Mayonnaise

Tips and Trick to help you Remove Scratches from Wood Furniture

Apart from adding taste to food, this humble looking edible is of immense use to you. Treat cracked wood with a little mayonnaise for two to three days. Oils in the mayo will help swell the wood and fill the crack.

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