The Perfect Beer Hack: How to Pour a Beer from a Bottle

Beer aficionados all have their favorite way of drinking beer. Some have their special glass, some are loyal to a particular beer brand and there are those who just pour it straight down their throat.

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy beer. Some prefer a bottle or can, some like to drink it from a glass. If you are the glass drinking type and tend to get too much foam when you pour, you are not alone.

Learning how to pour a beer from a can or bottle takes a bit of practice, so we’ll help you with a few tips, and you can get busy practicing.

How to Pour a Beer

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a hard day at work, sitting down to relax with a cold, frosty beer and then having it foam all over you when you pour it. You want that perfect beer in the glass, with just the right amount of foam on top.

Why Use a Glass

Brewers spend ages perfecting the perfect brew for their company. When you drink craft beer, there’s so much more to it than just a glass of beer. You want to see the color, the texture and enjoy the heady aroma.

When you use a glass, you allow the carbonation to be released, which is what causes the foam and the bubbles. If you don’t pour correctly, that foam dissipates and your beer will be flat.

If you don’t get any head on the beer, that carbonation gets in your stomach and then it foams, which causes bloating. When you add food on top of that, well, we don’t need to tell you.

Opening Your Beer

A gentleman always carries an opener. Imagine how impressive it is when you whip out your own, custom bottle opener.

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Even twist tops can be difficult and unless you’re gathered around a campfire, twisting it off and flipping the cap, use an opener. Twist tops can cut your hands, and there’s nothing cool about that.

When you open a bottle or can, allow the beer to breathe for a few seconds. The carbonation starts to be released and you need to give it time to settle a bit. If it starts to foam when you open it, just tip it slightly to release some of the beer.

Pouring Your Beer

Start with a clean glass. If you prefer, use a chilled glass. Tip the glass at a 45-degree angle and start your pour on the side of the glass, with the bottle held slightly away from the glass. Don’t let the bottle’s lip touch the glass.

As the glass starts to fill, slowly start to straighten the glass, while you continue your pour. The beer will start to foam, but you want that to happen. That is the CO2, or what makes carbonation, being released.

Fill the glass the rest of the way. You will think that there is a lot of foam, and it may even seep over the side. That’s fine. It will settle and all turn into beer. If it comes over the top, use a flat utensil to scrape it off and even it out.

The Importance of Foam

A beer with a foamy head looks like a large glass of something you would drop off at the lab.

Not enough foam means the carbonation is still in the glass and will end up in your gut. Besides the bloating, the foam is important for a few reasons.

  1. Taste

The foam brings the taste to the top of the glass. This is what brewers work so hard to bring to their beer. You will taste the malt and the hops, which are the basic ingredients of beer.

  1. Aroma

That layer of foam protects the aroma of the brew, keeping it there for every sip you take. You want to start drinking your beer when the foam is just settling, to get the freshest taste and aroma.

  1. Visual

Not all beer is made the same. You want to enjoy the deep amber, the dark brown or the golden hue of the beer. It’s important to enjoy all aspects of the craftsmanship that goes into the beer.

Pouring Stout

If you prefer a dark, heavier beer, then you likely drink stout. Pouring a stout, like Guinness needs a different pour. Just like you need a special touch pouring a pint of Guinness out of the tap, you need that touch for a can or bottle.

Open the bottle or can and let it sit for a few seconds. This will help the carbonation settle down.

Then, tip the can or bottle completely upside down in the glass and allow the stout to pour out.

This seems bizarre, but it works. When the liquid reaches the middle of the glass, lift the can or bottle and let the beer pour straight down. Then, let the beer sit for a few minutes to settle and enjoy.

Peel Me a Hops

Knowing how to pour a beer is just as important as the beer itself. It’s crafted for your enjoyment, so enjoy it to its fullest. The more you know about beer, the more you will enjoy it.

Learning about beer is a great way to connect with people, find out how to pair it with your favorite foods and increase the ways to enjoy it. There is so much more to beer than getting drunk on it on Friday night.

Getting together with friends over a beer or two is so much more than a glass of whatever is handy. Learn about different types, enjoy trying new brews and expand your palette by being a bit adventurous.

For tips on healthy snacks to serve with your beer, please continue reading here.

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