Here’s How to Pitch the Perfect Guest Posting Request

By approaching blogs that accept guest posts, you can increase your brand recognition. It’s worth learning how to request a guest posting opportunity. Far too often, we see aspiring guest post bloggers sending cryptic messages to other blog editors.

When you want to convince someone to allow you to guest blog on their site, it pays to do some groundwork and employ the right strategy. Guest blogging is not just about SEO, but also about building a relationship with other bloggers, whose content you admire.

What is a Guest Post?

Guest blogging involves writing for other bloggers but you need the right strategy to show your expertise.

If you’re wondering why you should start guest posting, it offers a great means of establishing yourself as an expert in the field and increase traffic to your website.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide for Pitching the Perfect Guest Posting Request

Top Benefits of Guest Blogging

  • Tapping into additional audience.
  • Getting new online contacts with guest post.
  • Building more backlinks and increasing domain authority.

To produce a ripple effect through link building. You get more backlinks with guest posting. Your creativity increases. You get more trust and credibility from people in your niche.

What is a Guest Post

  • Guest posting helps you share your expertise and knowledge on bigger platforms.
  • Staying up to date or on the cutting edge of current topics of your niche. You do more research, as you want your post to be spot on and accurate.
  • Additional income for paid authors.
  • More feedback from users or readers.

Pitch Guest Posting the Right Way

It is possible that you are not sure about the response you might get for your guest blogging requests. They might be rejected and that might hurt you. But you can reduce the chances of a guest posting rejection by perfecting the pitch with these guest post guidelines.

The guest poster will need:

  • Email account
  • A desktop or a laptop
  • Internet Connection

Top Tips for How to Craft an Outstanding Guest Post

  • Select your Niche.
  1. Decide the subject of your expertise. It could be related to your current services, so you could begin by writing your own blog post first.
  2. On the other hand, you can branch out into a new niche, expand your skills, and guest post on something new. You could also opt for blogging for SEO writing gigs.
  • Create a Portfolio – Before approaching other bloggers for guest posting, collect your writing work. Collect all your writing in various niches. Make at least 3 articles for each niche.
  • Increase your social media presence. Follow the social media sites where the target audience or potential customers are present. Try to increase your following at these sites.
  • Search for potential blogs or publications that you can contribute your writings. Target for lesser known blogs to begin with, but those that lie within your niche industry:
  1. Find the first guest blogging site that you would like to pitch to. There are also various sites on the Internet offering a service list of blogs that accept guest posts.
  2. Search through the links on blog articles on the site to find related writing blogs and additional sites in the same niche.
  3. Make use of Similar Sites feature to find more niche guest posting sites. You can use Google Blog Search for finding guest posting sites list. Shortlist at least 3 or 5 popular blogs to begin with. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  4. Check out whether the blogs have a Contribute Page or a Guest Posts Wanted Page, in order to submit a guest post. This shows that they accept guest bloggers.
  • Find out the readership to find the best guest blogging opportunities. More followers mean more visibility. If the subscriber statistics are not present on the blog, you can check out the information from the Facebook page of the blog or the Twitter page.
  • If the blog shows a ‘Write for Us’ link, you can check out the guidelines and pitch accordingly. You may have to fill in a submission form for some of the smaller blogs.

Pitching it Nice

  • Before contacting the editors of the site for guest posting, check out the submission guidelines provided on the site.
  • Check out the format and the topics that are popular on that site in order to learn how to write a guest post for that blog.
  • Get more information about the publication and the editors.

Selecting Articles for Guest Posting

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide for Pitching the Perfect Guest Posting Request

  • After selecting the blogs to which you’d like to send a request, select the articles you want to send.
  • Check out the articles present in the blog.
  • Check out the most popular ones and the comments on them, the number of Facebook likes, or shares.
  • You can thus learn what kind of articles the blog editor is more likely to accept. It will offer you a guest post pitch example for the site.

Creating the Perfect Pitch Email to Get your Guest Post Accepted

  • However, if there is no Write for Us page or Contribute page, you may have to send an email to the blog editor and pitch in your request for guest blogging.
  • Your first email to the editor of the potential guest blogging site should be something short and to the point. Bloggers are busy people and don’t have time for fluff.
  • Try to find out the name of their lead writer, so that you can include the name in the email. This comes across as more professional on your part.
  • Make sure that you come across as a polite and well-mannered person.
  • A few lines stating that you like reading their blog, sort of breaking the ice. Give a small compliment and talk about some articles on the blog that you found particularly helpful. This will get the editor on your side. Be sure to sound genuine, not insincere.
  • Remember to send a link to your blog.
  • Include some of your article ideas. You can also attach a short synopsis and your portfolio.
  1. This is the crux of your pitch to submit a guest post, so make sure it’s impressive.
  2. Don’t be elaborate; just write a simple outline of each of the articles.
  3. Mention the specific problem, the solution you are offering and how readers will be able to apply it practically.
  4. Use a catchy subject line for each of the article summaries.
  • Mention some of the popular articles that you read on the blog. This shows the editor that you’ve put in some time and effort getting to know their target audience. They get more trust in you and believe that you can give them engaging content for their target audience. Look here to find out how you can send mass email campaigns from your Gmail account itself.

Creating the Perfect Pitch Email to Get your Guest Post Accepted

  • You can also use a guest post request email template to make things easier.

Sow More Seeds

 starting to guest blog today - sow more seeds

After sending in your first pitch for guest blogging, there’s no point staring at your computer all day long waiting for a response. Submit some more pitches and sow more seeds of hope.

The key to becoming a successful guest blogger lies in your preparation and your pitch. Instead of being bogged down by rejections, you will be notching up you success. Don’t expect overnight success in your guest blogging strategy.

Keep writing and publishing great posts in your niche, in order to be considered an expert.

Rome was not built in a day – sorry for the cliché, so kick off your content marketing one notch higher by starting to guest blog today.

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