How to Organize and Declutter Your Home – Checklist

Learn the most effective ways to declutter your home and organize the untidiness in the best possible way.

Since you are always running out of time, getting rid of the clutter in your house seems to be a humongous task. Yet, returning home to find a wrecked condo is also not acceptable. Hence, if you are looking out for the perfect solution; worry not because we have the best – declutter your home checklist, to help release that extra stress off your temples.

Now no need to follow up – ‘the lesser we buy, the easier to organize’ mantra anymore. Spend your valuable time loading some extra furniture, since you need not raise your eyebrows on – ‘where to begin?’ or ‘what do I do?’ anymore!

Take into account these simple yet chic ways to declutter your home and your life as a whole.

  1. Set Your Goals Right

The first step to organizing your household is to set your goals right. Breathe deep, take a minute and chart down all the superfluous stuff that needs to get tabulated, and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5. For example – The one which is in need of an umpteenth attention should be rated one, and the least is to be placed on 5. This will ultimately release the extra chaos, end up the confusion and help you get rid of the litter easily.

  1. Sort It The Right Way

To understand it the right way, let us take an example.

Set out four separate boxes and label them with the following –


This will contain everything that has to be organized and kept in the proper places.



The store box is meant to contain all the goodies that have to get shoved up the storage room. As Hetzer and Hulstrand had said that the most difficult part about getting away with possessions carrying an emotional attachment. Hence, store them in the store box and lock your memories safe inside.


Lock them temporarily in the recycle box and use them for all the better reasons possible. Since recycling is one of the most creative ways to clear up the mess and muddle, I am sure you are not going to be a miser in this!

  • JUNK

Get rid of everything thrown particularly in this piece of closure and clean up the litter permanently.

Apart from these, you can also methodize the cluttering heap for donation. Since there are so many things which can be useful for the needy if not for you, always keep this as the better option.

  1. Two Bin Trick

Off late, this is being implemented in the ‘Swachha Bharat Abhiyan’. According to this, try keeping two waste bins at your place, dividing them for two different purposes.

Dry bin’ and the ‘Wet bin

Mark or label them if necessary as the ‘Dry bin’ and the ‘Wet bin’ which will eventually explain their objective – the former should seal in all the dry wastes and the latter is meant for soaking in all the wet wastes in your place.

  1. Rag Picker

Getting rid of everyday waste is the ultimate decluttering tip for your home, since cleaning up the wastes from your daily chore will always leave you with a lesser load for the next decluttering session.

  1. Focus on the Oblate Surface

Desktop, table top, shelves prove to be utter enticements to the litter. Let it be the letter from the drop box, loose sheets, newspapers, or even the small machinery equipment, every little thing traces its way to the flat surfaces in your house and adds into the untidiness of the place.

Focus on the Oblate Surface

Reach out to the utmost dirt poor surfaces and try keeping a minimal share of your household on them. The key is to be particular about the frequently needed goodies.

Who is a Hoarder and what is Hoarding?

A person who has the custom of assembling everything in his room is sophistically termed as a hoarder.  A hoarder is always of the view that anything can be useful, anytime and hence should not be thrown.

Hoarding is the compulsive art of keeping everything at the store and never getting rid of anything; which can be the prime reason for excessive clutter.

Decluttering Tips For A Hoarder

 How to Organize and Declutter Your Home

Since some of you keep assembling more than you actually need, consider following these easy steps to declutter your home

  • If you are still worried about how to deal with clutter hoarding, then shove it off and get rid of anything that has not proven essential in the recent days or months. Trust us you are just not going to need them anymore.
  • Not accumulate. This stands second among decluttering tips for a hoarder. For example, while buying a new set of pens, try doing away with the ones hovering all over waiting to be refilled and reused. Likewise, toss out every corresponding unnecessary thing and breathe in the newly formed healthy space.

So stop hoarding and change your life for all the better reasons!

Declutter Your Bedroom

Returning to bed after a tiring day, only to find a messy bed is nothing less than a nightmare. If you are worried about where to put things in your bedroom, lend up these hackle free creative ways to organize your messy bedroom in the easiest possible way.

  • Set out a minimum of twenty minutes in the weekend to upturn the fallen pieces of your dream room, to avoid any major trouble later.
  • Gather up all the unwashed decluttering clothes in a laundry basket kept in one corner.
  • Leave no room for annoyance since decluttering your closet is never going to be boring. Tag/label particular coffers to hide up the junk in an organized way. For example, keep separate sections or boxes for the things that go easily missing such as socks and handkerchiefs.decluttering your closet
  • Place more decorative bowls to incorporate small clutter like hair clips, pins, gems clips and many other things.
  • Organize your dressing area more often which is always a part of frequent use.

Over to You

So feel free to call any guest any time, since your home is never going to shine outdated with these easy decluttering tips for your home! Now spread yourself in the extra space of comfort since getting rid of litter is never going to be the same again!

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