12 Great Ways to Spruce Up Your Car

How to Make Your Car Look Cool Again

Did you realize that on average, it costs over $8,000 to maintain and operate a car over one year? As cars age, some may be tempted to swap their old car for a new one.

However, for many, the thought of taking on another monthly payment for a new car and more auto insurance is too much to bear.

With this in mind, many people perform regular maintenance and upgrade the look of their cars to keep them looking fresh.

Are you looking for ways to make your old car look new again?

Keep reading below for 12 tips on how to make your car look cool!

  1. Get Cleaning

It may seem silly, but one of the most important steps to take to improve the appearance of your car is to simply clean and organize the interior.

Try getting into the habit of removing trash each and every time you get out of your car. Think about investing in a deep clean or detailing appointment once or twice a year. Be sure to dust your dashboard in between these appointments.

If you don’t want to shop around for car specific organization items, don’t worry. Plastic bags are enough to help get you started.

Put car manuals in one bag and insurance and registration information in another. Get a sturdy bag to keep all your phone charges and other electronic cords together too.

  1. Replace the Carpet

If after a deep cleaning your carpet still leaves something left to be desired, it may need to be replaced. The floor carpet in your car gets more wear and tear than anything else in your car.

Replacing the carpet is a labor heavy job. Find a company that is offering exactly what you need. You can find a carpet kit that will fit your specific car. These start around $120 and installation then costs anywhere from $200 to $400.

  1. New Floor Mats

Floor mats also get a lot of use compared to other items in your car. Most cars have carpeted inserts for floor mats, which do not keep your car clean in poor weather.

Remove the originals, storing them in case you sell the car, and buy some rubber floor mats. This will not only keep dirt and snow from ruining your carpet, but will also protect against any accidental spills from your morning coffee or tea.

  1. Update Your Audio

If you are really wondering how to make your car look cool, you need to consider upgrading your audio system in your car. One way to tackle this is to change out your speakers.

Replacing the factory speakers can totally change the sound you have in your car. Depending on the year of your car, you can also consider changing your entire audio console.

This will let you plug in your new phones or play some tunes over Bluetooth.

  1. Window Tint

One simple upgrade you can do to your car is adding window tint.

Beyond looking sleek, there are multiple benefits to having tinted windows. As noted, tinted windows can act as a protectant during accidents and improve vision.

Tinted windows also keep the sun from fading your upholstery and blocks some of the UV rays that are harmful to your skin.

  1. New Wheels

Although they are usually not the main focal point, getting new wheels on your car will instantly improve the vibe for your car. If your car is old or on the cheaper side, it is likely that it came with cheap wheels.

Some cars end up missing their hubcaps due to accidents, which can severely impact the appearance of your car.

Unfortunately, new wheels can often run upwards of $1,000. You should truly only look at getting new wheels if you plan on keeping your car for a long time after. You will definitely notice a smoother ride though.

  1. New Tires

When you ask some car enthusiasts how to make your car look cool, they will usually say a new set of tires.

Similar to new wheels sprucing up your car, new tires not only improve the performance of your car, but also improve the appearance. You should always be aware of the condition of your tires.

Riding on worn out tires can be a huge safety concern, leading to blowouts and accidents.

  1. Custom Seat Covers

If your seats are worn and maybe even stained, don’t worry. Seat covers often are an easy, cheap way to drastically improve the appearance of the interior of your car.

Seat covers are available in numerous colors and materials to suit your needs and design aesthetics.

  1. New Paint Job

Repainting your car will make it look brand new. It will also hide any small dents and scratches that most of us have on our cars.

While some paint jobs can be over $15,000, you can find cheap paint jobs as well. Just be aware the cheaper ones usually only last a few years.

  1. Vinyl Wrap

A new paint job as discussed above is usually at least a few thousand dollars. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, consider getting your car wrapped in vinyl.

A professional vinyl wrap will look just as good as a new paint job and can be done in nearly every color. You can also pick out patterns or logos of your favorite sports team.

  1. Chrome Accents

Many people splurge on chrome rims, but you don’t need to do that. Add small chrome accents in places like the back of your side mirrors or around your headlights.

This method adds some visual interest without going overboard.

  1. Change Out Headlight Bulbs

One final tip on how to make your car look cool is to change your headlight bulbs. Replace broken or old bulbs so you can have better vision at night.

Choose a bulb with a pale blue hue for some unique interest. Your car will look cool and improve your safety while driving.

Final Tips on How to Make Your Car Look Cool

Hopefully, now you feel confident that you can drastically upgrade your car and make it look cool.

If you’re trying to avoid buying a new car but want to make your car look awesome, many of these tips are easy and affordable.

Have you seen any cool car upgrades that we missed? What will you do first to bring a new look to your ride? Let us know in the comments!

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