Be a Lean Mean Learning Machine: How to Learn Marketing

In 2018, there were almost 2 billion online customers across the globe. That’s why today’s business world needs top-notch marketing professionals. They know the best ways to attract these potential customers.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a marketing professional’s median salary is around $129,380. Different marketing jobs should grow by ten percent between 2016 and 2026.

Does this sound like a career field for you? Check out this helpful guide to find out more on how to learn marketing. Then you’ll be ready to take this new career by storm.

Online Internet Marketing Basics: Definition

Online internet marketing means utilizing the internet to advertise your services and products. Internet platforms of choice include email and search engines. Social media is also an effective way to connect with future buyers.

Internet marketing methods can reach customers through computers or mobile phones. Internet marketing online also means using social media. Instagram and Twitter, for example, can influence new or existing buyers.

How to Learn Marketing

The following is a step by step process to learn online marketing basics. You’ll see what courses you need to make you stand out like a pro.

Research the Web

Are you a future college student or looking for a career change? Depending on your stage in life, the best place to learn marketing is to start surfing the web. Familiarize yourself with digital marketing trends.

One great resource includes reviewing what other marketers are already doing. You can read more here on what this company is accomplishing. You’ll learn what it’s like to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Search for an Online Internet Marketing Degree

You can find online internet marketing degree programs offered by top name universities. Oregon State University and Purdue University are just a few. Online bachelor degree programs are available at Walden University and Regents University.

Your curriculum to reach this degree should include the following classes:

Website Analytics

Digital analytics classes will teach you how to collect performance metrics. These metrics can help configure company websites. Students also learn how to analyze performance reports and track marketing campaigns.

These tools help internet marketers track website performance. With this feedback, they can recommend areas for improvements.


Automation can help marketers harvest data and identify common occurrences in customer responses. Students then learn how to use this data to understand the consumer’s reasoning and actions. This data is valuable in predicting repeat actions or buying habits.


Students should learn basic coding languages. Two common languages are Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS.)

These two codes are the languages web developers use to build websites. A basic knowledge of coding will help you work better with developers. That way you can both ensure that your client’s websites rank high on search engine page results.

E-mail Marketing

Learners should also study e-mail marketing concepts. Email marketing can advertise products. Email can also develop relationships with current or future customers.

E-mail marketing is an automated communication system. This automated system can operate through social media, blogs or company websites.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that attracts leads to company-sponsored Internet content. Inbound marketing hopes to attract a potential customer rather than marketers contacting them.

In bound marketing is a different strategy than e-mail. Inbound marketing aims to deliver quality content. Email works to flood would-be customers with sales messaging.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases the online visitors to a specific website. When more visitors come to the site, the site ranks higher on the search engine list of results.

Marketing students need to know SEO techniques. These techniques help create content that’s more useful than what their competitors create. SEO is also used with unique technologies such as voice search and mobile platforms.

Video Marketing

Video marketing involves online display advertisements with moving images instead of still photos. Students can learn how to use this tool to create a live video stream of events over the internet. Sometimes you can see these rolling advertising units used instead of spot advertising.

Join Professional Groups or Networks

Joining a network or other professional organization is a must. These groups give you endless possibilities to build your skill set. Here are three groups that can lead to useful training and valuable connections.

  • American Advertising Federation (AAF)

The American Advertising Federation has been around since 1905. This network includes media companies, marketers and college chapters in its ranks. Members can track the latest marketing trends and technology through continuing education events.

  • American Marketing Association (AMA)

The organization includes members who work or teach in the marketing profession. The AMA offers members training and networking opportunities to further their expertise. Members can also access templates to help generate marketing proposals or project budgets.

  • Public Relations Society of America

The Public Relations Society of America has over 20,000 members. This organization sets standards for ethical advertising and supports public relations’ best practices. Members can access training on topics like social media and corporate communication techniques.

Next Steps

Feel like you’re ready to launch your exciting new career in internet marketing? The good news is you can start today!

Remember that the online internet marketing field is always changing. So it’s up to you to arm yourself with the latest and greatest trends in the field.

Sign up for blogs from companies currently on the front lines. Subscribe to their newsletters to hear about their latest projects. Research some of the universities listed above and scan their course descriptions.

If you want to know more on how to learn marketing, don’t forget to check our website. You’ll find useful articles on other online trends like SMS marketing. We’re here to help you make your career dreams come true!

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